The OL from Barco series is a fully HD (1920x1080), LED-based video wall system comprising color-stable, rear-projection displays with Sense6 calibration and stabilization technology. The series consists of the rear-accessible OL and front-accessible OLF video walls, both available in 50" and 70" screen sizes and both of which have a wide LED color gamut that exceeds the EBU standard. The walls have a guaranteed LED lifetime of 55,000 hours and a five-year service-free runtime. Advanced low-weight materials and pre-aligned delivery make the walls installer-friendly, and Sense6 automatically keeps all projection modules in tune to compensate for the inherent color shift of LEDs during their lifetime. Additionally, control manager software keeps track of the health status and allows the user to configure the uniformity and status. The software exposes an API that allows it to be integrated into larger device management applications.