Strand Lighting will launch its new C21 series dimming system at the 2005 USITT trade show in Toronto, March 17-19, 2005. The C21dimmer rack was developed in response to in-depth market research from key customers and consultants.

The C21 has set an unprecedented industry first by providing the ability to install 96 2.4kW Sinewave dimmers in a single rack — greatly increasing dimming density for Sinewave users. The new dimming system allows users to freely mix dimmers of any type (both Sinewave and conventional modules) within a single rack. A new Quad dimmer module allows SCR based systems to achieve a density of 192 dimmers in a single rack.

Continuing our implementation of Strand ShowNet solutions the new dimming system features a "network-centric" 16/32- bit RISC main processor running embedded Linux, an integrated Ethernet port, and a Web based configuration and dimmer status-reporting system. Our new "Dimming Engine" technology allows dedicated slave sub-processors to control individual groups of dimmers. Each processor individually samples the incoming line voltage sine wave and is able to calculate 30,000 possible output voltages within a single line cycle.

The new rack electronics also simplify installation as each dimmer rack processor contains an integrated Ethernet multiport switch allowing Ethernet rack-to-rack data interconnection using pre-made Ethernet patch cables. Additionally, every C21 dimmer rack is shipped with our Outlook Architectural and System Wide Control capability.

Strand Control Consoles will also be shown at USITT with V2.8.5, software and WYSIWYG Console edition. WYSIWYG CE running on a Strand ShowNet system is automatically matched to the channel capacity of the console. This allows lighting designers and console operators to see their entire rig - regardless of system size.

For further information contact:
Peter Rogers
Vice President Marketing
Tel: 714 230 8205