At ProLight+Sound 2006, ChainMaster will be presenting an update of its VarioLift series, which promises faster movements. The device offers maximum precision in the positioning of chain hoists. It is based on an integrated vector-controlled frequency converter, supplied by a high-impulse incremental encoder. The VarioLift operates with a positional accuracy of 0.2mm.

The VarioLift product range includes models for loads ranging from 125kg to 6.300kg conforming to the BGV-C1 standard. VarioLift can handle diverse applications, such as scenery movement at 30m/min to the lifting of heavy loads.

ChainMaster is also presenting a new manual controller for up to 48 chain hoists. With the remote control, which is equipped with a 5.7" touchscreen, it is possible to program runs as well as display individual positions and loads. Group shutdown is also possible in the event of exceeded synchronicity tolerance, an overshot target position, the incorrect direction of rotation, or overload or slack chain conditions occurring. ChainMaster guarantees compatibility with computerized controllers for larger systems.

The company has also introduced the JumboLift for heavy weights such as video cubes. The BGV-C1 chain hoist will be capable of lifting weights as great as 6,000kg. The device is equipped with a frequency converter, incremental encoder. An absolute value encoder is also an option. The controller is available in both one- and two-channel configurations; a control cabinet control system with breakdown control can also be implemented.