UK-based Serious Stages designed and fabricated a new system of PA Masts for use with their stages and structures.

The specially designed Luna PA mast is configured in three heights (12m, 14.4m, and 16.8m) all of which can flow up to four tonnes of PA. Some space between the two main base out-riggers is decked at low level, which is useful for PA preparation and bass enclosure support.

Replacing Serious’ traditional Dandelion PA masts, its new Satellite PA mast uses a heavy, one-piece 2.3mx2.3m square base, nominally 0.3m high, with an offset 10m ground support truss mast, optimizing stability for flown PAs weighing up to 1.5 tonnes. The base has an additional fixed 1.5mx2.3m platform in front of the mast.

A unique headboard works in conjunction with the heavily ballasted base to allow the masts to be easily scrimmed, and both PA masts feature Serious’ new scrim system, which combines semi and non-permeable fabric.

Serious Stages has also developed PA towers in keeping with the 2005 "Work at Height" Regulations. Their new steel truss-based system minimizes the need for people to work at height. The PA tower can be built up to more than 20m high, in modular increments of approximately 2.4m. This goal post-style PA tower can typically fly a total of 12 tonnes of equipment and can support video screens and scenic scrims.

Serious Stages has also designed an improved sheeting system that comply with the Work at Height regulations at lower levels common to smaller stages (FOH platforms, ground stacked PA platforms, etc.). This new system features modular cover sheets supported by "shotgun" aluminum extrusions, which offers greater stability and improved weather proofing.