The V-Motion 15 and 30 are variable motion power packs designed for use with Movecat VMK hoists. In this combination, they make it possible to realize intelligent and safe, variable-speed hoisting systems of the highest technical quality that comply with the BGV C1 code of practice and optionally also with codes as high as SIL3. The Power Packs can be configured for use with a variety of VMK hoists (V-Motion 15 for drives up to 1.5 kW, and V-Motion 30 for drives up to 3.0 kW motor power).

The V-Motion Power Packs with an independent high-speed axis processor support speeds from 0 to 29 m/min as a closed-loop system with full torque even during runs continuing beyond the null point (reversal of the run direction without incursion of the brakes). This gives unlimited freedom to conduct way- and time-synchronous group and load runs as well as complex transformation operations such as those used in studio, theatrical and event productions whilst at all times satisfying the most stringent safety requirements.

A large, backlit liquid crystal display shows all operating states, such as the run direction, speed, position and operating parameters of the connected drive. The main and safety processor supervises all functions. In addition, all run commands, their execution and the resulting internal operating states are permanently tested and evaluated. The devices support direct breakdown operation by means of function keys as well as simple operation with a single-channel MRC manual control panel.

The controllers are designed as mobile units and can be used not only directly at the drive but also at distances of up to 30 metres from it. Furthermore up to six V-Motion 15 and three V-Motion 30 power packs can be daisy-chained from a single CEE 16 power line.

Central control is realized in combination with the I-Motion network controllers MRC-72 or Expert-T. All the relevant data is transmitted, displayed on screen and evaluated. Up to 99 devices can be linked or operated in any desired combination of MPCs and other I-Motion devices, allowing the performance of complex transformations with cross-actions and restrictions of the different hoists. Info:

MoveSoftware Update For MPC 4IC1

The Motion Power Controller 4IC1-I from Movecat is an intelligent controller unit in a 19"/3U metal case for the OMK and VMK hoists from Movecat (Distributor: Think Abele of Nufringen) complying with the BGV C1 code of practice. Movecat is now supplying the controller with new software offering an expanded function set.

The MPC controller boasts an integrated main processor capable of delivering operation- and user-safe control of four chain hoists or drives without additional control devices or external safety computers. A large backlit liquid crystal display shows the operating status of all connected hoists including their positions (provided the hoists are suitably equipped).

The main and safety processor of the MPC 4IC1-I supervises all the functions, whereby the general evaluation of all parameters with implications for safety and the run conditions is implemented by one independent safety read-back chain per hoist. An operating fault invariably leads to the affected hoist being shut down. All the requisite relays and safety circuits for voltage and phase errors and excess or insufficient loads as well as work- and emergency-limit functions for the use of four OMK or VMK hoists are integrated. The relevant switching states of the device are permanently monitored and evaluated for possible malfunctions.

In its standard configuration, the system complies with BGV C1, but it can be upgraded for applications up to SIL 3 and therefore for the movement of scenery over persons. The MPC 4IC1-I is ready for operation with Movecat's I-Motion network.