The patent-pending PRG Series 400™ Power and Signal Distribution System is designed to reduce setup time as it integrates power, DMX, and Ethernet data through a single custom-designed trunk cable.

The data system includes Ethernet switches with the ability to route any DMX universe to any DMX output connector in the system, along with complete electrical isolation. As a result, lighting systems can better accommodate the growing need for data and use less cable, and technicians can re-route signals from the user menus without making physical changes to the system.

The Series 400 is modular and consists of a rolling rack unit that accepts 120V or 208V 12-channel breaker modules, 120V or 208V breakout boxes, and trunk cables available in 25’, 50’, and 100’. One rolling rack supports up to 72 fixtures and is available in three different power models for use in the North America, Japan, and Europe. The custom-designed trunk cables have connectors that are rugged, water resistant, and feature quarter-turn connections. Ethernet cable standards call for a maximum working length over copper of 300’, but the Series 400 custom trunk cable extends the working length to 500’.