Luxology, LLC, unveiled modo 201, the new version of its flagship 3D modeling product. Providing speed and integration for the 3D design industry, modo 201 integrates modeling, painting, and rendering technologies, backed by advanced software ergonomics. It is specifically designed for 3D artists working on films, TV, architecture, and Web productions.

The subdivision surface modeling environment simplifies and optimizes complex meshes with true mesh instancing: click, drag, done. Users can create UV maps with UV Unwrap and Solid Sketch features, which allow rapid creation of base SDS meshes. The Mesh Paint option paints geometric details on existing mesh surfaces.

Painting features include parametric ink, real-time bump map painting, and new masking methods for precise control over texture application. Pipe painting tools allow hot swappable brushes, inks, nozzles, and falloffs.

modo 201 features accelerated rendering technology with optimized global illumination, shading options for energy conservation, Fresnel effect, anisotropy and subsurface scattering, true micropolygon displacements, and gigapoly rendering. OpenGL acceleration allows for an interactive experience in the user’s workflow. Other features include OpenGL light and shading with per pixel shading and multi-texturing. modo 201 is scheduled for release in Quarter 4 of 2005.