Ducks Echo Sound’s Perfect Pickle is a miniature chain hoist controller designed and tested over five years on national theatrical tours by Andy Leviss, an IATSE Local One stagehand and certified CM hoist technician.

Available in various connector types and wiring configurations, including XLR, the unit features heavy-duty, sealed buttons in an ergonomic layout with a strong, lightweight swivel clip. It uses an industry-standard, nearly indestructible Hubbell twist lock connector body.

Leviss notes that developing this product came from what he saw as a direct need in the industry. “When I was on tour, a co-worker had another—since discontinued—brand of mini motor pickle, and I saw flaws in it that I thought I could improve, so spent a month building, testing, breaking, and re-building prototypes with the help of my carpenter and head electrician, and then open-sourced the design online five years ago,” he says. “This year, I went back to further refine it, upgrade parts, and release it as a commercial product.” For more information on availability email the company here.