Yamaha Corporation of America, Commercial Audio Systems Division, has been named exclusive US distributor of the AVY16-ES from AuviTran, designers and manufacturers of audio and video networking and computer-based products.

AuviTran SARL, based in Grenoble, France, manufacturers a series of EtherSound-compatible expansion cards, including the NEXO-compatible AVY16-ES. When combined, these products create a system in Digigram’s EtherSound network, ensuring high-performance digital audio networking. EtherSound, a popular networking solution in Europe, is a simple and open digital audio network standard with extremely low latency and flexible topology that is fully compliant with the IEEE's 802.3 Ethernet specification.

The 16-channel In/Out AVY16-ES is compatible with a wide range of Yamaha digital mixers (PM1D, PM5D, M7CL, DM and 0 Series) and DSP engines (DME24N/64N), and provides a simple solution to link Yamaha digital mixing consoles with NEXO network processing systems.

The card offers full network and local control of all channel assignments, network status monitoring and low propagation delay. The general purpose serial ports allow connection and control of the mixers’ and engines’ parameters or other third-party equipment, making it ideal for any mobile or fixed audio applications.

With each AVY16-ES card, up to 16 audio input and 16 audio output channels can be transmitted to or sent from a Yamaha mixer to any other EtherSound-compatible device over standard CAT5 cables. Depending upon the Yamaha host equipment, multiple AVY16-ES units can be installed or daisy chained, providing a possible total of up to 128 EtherSound channels of 24-bit/48kHz audio in Bidirectional mode, or 64 EtherSound channels in Unidirectional mode across a single CAT5 cable segment. Connections include two EtherSound connectors for daisy chaining and a 9-pin RS232 port for data transmission.

“The increased presence of network-compatible products has given the contractor, system designer and sound reinforcement vendor more options to create seamless networked audio systems,” states Marc Lopez, product manager, Yamaha Commercial Audio. “Since our position is to support, rather than limit, those choices, Yamaha will continue to provide solutions for both the popular CobraNet and growing EtherSound platforms in the US.”