Oklahoma City-based Miller Pro Audio, a live sound reinforcement company primarily serving the central southern US, has purchased five Soundcraft GB4 consoles.

According to Matt Arnold, manager for Miller’s satellite Texas operations in Lubbock and Austin, the four 32-channel and single 24-channel desks are being deployed on the company’s smaller productions and for rental use.

“We bought the smaller GB4 first, decided we liked it quite a bit, then bought the four larger boards,” says Arnold. “Right from the start, the eight aux busses really appealed to us, as did the mute groups and the fact that the console is very user-friendly.”

Arnold further points out that the GB4’s ability to be used as either a dedicated FOH or monitor console was a key issue in the purchase decision, but the primary factor was reliability. “When I send a piece of equipment out to a show, the bottom line is that it needs to work. Sure, I’m glad that the GB4 sounds great, but the real reason we’ve standardized on it is for its reliability. We’ve used MH Series consoles, Europas and other Soundcraft desks over the years that have all been very dependable so the expectation is that these will be as well.”