The release of the new Processing Card for the Soundcraft Vi6™ brings powerful, industry-standard Lexicon effects and BSS Audio equalization to the digital console.

The card uses eight custom Lexicon DSP engines to provide eight mono or stereo effects units, which may be patched to aux bus outputs and then back into a channel input, or inserted into input or output channels. The real flexibility, however, comes from being able to control these effects via the desk’s Vistonics™ II screens, which give the engineer a highly-intuitive and comfortable graphical user interface.

The Lexicon devices offer a choice of 14 types of reverb, including various plates, halls, and spring types, seven delay settings (including ping-pong and tape delays), plus eight other effects, such as chorus, flanger, tremolo, and pitch shift. Once selected, the parameter controls appear on the rotary encoders on the Vistonics II screen.

The new card also provides a 30-band graphic EQ on every output (35 outputs), controlled by the first 30 channel faders once the output graphic EQ icon is pressed. The Soundcraft FaderGlow™ system now changes the faders to red (the same color as the channel EQ on Vistonics II) and each fader controls one of the 30 frequencies, which are shown in the channel label display. A composite EQ curve is generated and displayed on the Vistonics II screen for that output.

According to Soundcraft, this is the only digital console available integrated with these processing devices.