Launching at NAB 2006, the Sennheiser SK 5212 is one of the smallest wireless microphone body-pack transmitters in its class and is is ideal for sound engineers, professional broadcasters, sound designers and PA companies. The SK 5212 even surpasses its predecessor, the SK 5012, in terms of size, weight, and user-friendliness and offers a number of advanced features, including infrared wireless synchronization with the company's brand new NET 1 Network System multi-channel wireless hub. The SK 5212 can also be used with all of Sennheiser's 3000 and 5000 series components. A sturdy metal housing keeps the mini transmitter safe and sound in the tough conditions of TV and the stage.

The small body-pack’s switching bandwidth of 36MHz is freely selectable in the entire UHF range from 450 to 960MHz, and the transmitter frequency can be set in 5kHz steps. A single AA battery ensures that the SK 5212 works reliably for six hours at its full 50mW output power. The transmitter power can be reduced to 10mW in order to adapt to the transmission conditions of different regions. The SK 5212 also transmits its current battery status to the receiver. It filters out annoying wind or handling noise with its two-stage low-cut filter (60 and 120Hz). With an input sensitivity that is adjustable in 1dB steps between -30 and +40dB, the SK 5212 can be individually adapted to bring out the best in various sound sources, volumes and applications.

"The tiny 5212 is the newest addition to the famed Sennheiser lineage of industry standard wireless body-packs," says Chris Phillips, product manager for Sennheiser professional systems. "It's older sibling, the SK 5012, set a new standard in reliable body-pack performance. So designing a smaller and smarter version reflects another feat of German engineering."

The body-pack features easy-to-use jog dial and backlit LCD display, which shows AF, RF, battery level and frequency information. A menu lock function safeguards against accidental setting changes.