Charlie Richmond of Richmond Sound Design reports that they are starting to work with an innovative developer of touch screen control applications. The company specializes in modules for Crestron control systems, but according to Richmond: “They also are focusing on applications for the iPad and iPhone, which provide similar capabilities at far lower cost and with even greater flexibility and accessibility for the average user.”

Richmond invites audio and show control pros to imagine, for example, a virtual DiGiCo console for thousands instead of hundreds of thousands of dollars—plus literally any sort of variant on this type of theme for both permanent installations and live venues. “The possibilities are endless,” he says, “and we both need to know which functions the users, installers, integrators, and developers on this list would initially find most helpful.”

Please contact Richmond directly at to discuss ideas and what your needs are, and they might be able to start providing you with solutions tailored to your needs. “This developer is used to creating applications that work with BSS, MediaMatrix, and similar DSP units, as well as Soundcraft, Yamaha, and similar digital mixing desks, and already has a number of modules that control these devices which can be easily be adapted to use SoundMan-Server at this point,” he concludes.

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