Originally purchased for the Loggins and Messina reunion tour, and currently in use with two annual corporate North American International Auto Shows for Ford and Chrysler, On Stage Audio (OSA) chose to connect the musicians, monitors and FOH with the new custom PM1D cable system designed by Link USA, Inc. of Orlando, FL.

“Link is the first one that offers a hybrid copper solution incorporating coaxial, SCSI cable, and audio lines all in one cable,” says Jim Risgin, Monitors/FOH mixing engineer for OSA. “We found the Link system to be the most cost effective solution for remoting the whole DSP brain of the PM1D. And given the additional audio lines and coaxial lines, it’s far and above the price leader.”

Link is the only cable manufacturer of the purpose built mil spec-style multi-pin that includes BNC connectors and gold-plated solid machined pins in the same housing, in a male to female configuration. This design is both reliable and flexible, with the ability to easily extend the snake, which was a requirement for OSA. “Jim at OSA wanted a cable solution that is extremely durable, reliable and cost effective, and one that has the capability of extending their 122m trunk with their 50m extension for some of the bigger venues they encounter, says Craig Beyrooti, managing director of Link USA. “The Link solution ensures reliable operation even at lengths up to 200m.”

The system’s three main components include the YMHCSD, which connects the control surface via the LK Connector multi-pin; the composite SCSI, COAX, CAT5 and balanced audio main trunk and the YMHDSPS, a 2U rack mount interface box that connects the main trunk to the Yamaha DSP.

The Link solution is perfect for use on the road. With only one composite multi-core snake that includes all the Yamaha required cables, as well as two additional 75 Ohm COAX lines for word clock, a CAT5 line for amplifier control, and eight balanced analog tie lines, only one cable needs to be run between the stage and FOH.

“The system has been out on the road for the past six months and we have had absolutely no maintenance issues,” says Riskin.

The release of Yamaha’s Version 2 upgrade for the PM1D will encourage further use of the Link PM1D solution. Version 2 automatically compensates for gain adjustments between two control surfaces when only one set of mic pre’s is used and so only the control surface needs to be at FOH and the rack can stay with the monitor CS1D.

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