Link introduces the CVS LKSPKAL 12/3 U2A2, a new line of intelligent self-powered speaker cable that includes a 12/3 double shielded power cable, two AES individually jacketed and shielded pairs, and two color-coded UTP Ethernet lines, featuring Link's cross-spacer (CAT6 style) construction. These cables are specifically designed for self-powered loudspeaker systems that incorporate CAT5 control and/or signal connectivity.

JBL Professional utilizes numerous sets of Link’s new CVS LKSPKAL 12/3 U2A2 cable in 75’ lengths for its portable touring sound systems that are used for onsite customer evaluations, including VERTEC DP Series and the new Venue Performance Series powered, network-compatible products.

“The growing number of JBL systems in the field was Link's inspiration to develop this new hybrid cable,” says Craig Beyrooti, managing director, Link USA. “When added to Link’s current SPKAL1 and SPKAL2 lines, the hybrid cable offers self-powered speaker system users several different options for specifying single-cable solutions for power, audio signal and control,” he adds.

"The increasing number of loudspeaker products for the rental sound industry with onboard electronics, including both powered speakers and network-compatible systems, points to a clear need for integrated cable solutions,” says David Scheirman, VP Tour Sound for JBL. “Link’s new hybrid cable make portable system cable-and-connector integration a practical, reliable and 'off-the-shelf' process for touring system technicians and sound-company business owners," says Scheirman.