The M4 is a compact, 2-way stage monitor employing an integrated 15"/1.3" exit coaxial driver with a CD horn and passive crossover network. In its standard 50ºx70º dispersion configuration, it provides a precisely defined coverage area on stage. It can be operated in 2-way active mode by changing the d&b D12 amplifier's configuration without any modifications to the loudspeaker. It produces 138 dB or 140dB SPL when driven in passive or active mode, respectively. In addition, the latest firmware for the d&b D12 and E-PAC amplifiers now includes a dedicated MAX configuration for passive operation of MAX or MAX12 cabinets. The new MAX configuration has a high pass filter, low-end equalization, and an excursion limiter specially tuned for the MAX loudspeakers, providing increased headroom and improved low frequency performance. The characteristic of the D12 amplifier MAX 2-way active configuration has also been modified to provide a similar performance enhancement.