Having recently experienced its 60th year and more than two decades of producing the industry-standard Macro-Tech Series of power amplifiers, Crown International is commemorating both milestones with a special, one-time production run of its MA-2402, MA-3600VZ, and MA-5002VZ as “Anniversary Edition” models.

A very limited quantity of these amplifiers will be produced—only 600 in total will be available worldwide—each of which will feature a visually striking copper-plated front panel (including handles, knobs, buttons, etc.) and be shipped in a custom wood crate. The product will also be accompanied by a special brochure chronicling the history of the product from its initial concept through today as well as a specification sheet detailing the actual benchmarked performance of that very amplifier, signed and numbered by Crown senior VP of Research Gerald Stanley, whose patented technologies and design philosophies ultimately made the Macro-Tech Series.

“Over its 20-plus years, Macro-Tech has long been widely regarded as the touchstone in high-performance pro audio amplifier design,” says Brian Divine, Crown market director, Engineered Sound/Touring Sound. “In fact, between Macro-Tech and its smaller sibling, Micro-Tech, we’ve shipped nearly 275,000 units worldwide, which translates to approximately 54 million watts into 4 ohms or 65 million watts into 2 ohms, so there can be no doubt that this is a highly significant product in terms of pro audio’s history. With the new Macro-Tech Anniversary Edition versions, we are giving a select few the chance to own a unique piece of that history for themselves.”