Clear-Com®, a Vitec Group brand, announces version 4.0 of the Eclipse high-performance intercom system. The new 4.0 Eclipse offers significant enhancements to its Digital Matrix product and ECS (Eclipse Configuration Software) application to fulfill the needs of live performance, broadcasting, military, aerospace, and government with increased capabilities, including introduction comprehensive fiber networking support (E-FIB), simplified configuration, and improved features in ECS.

Version 4.0, in concert with a new E-FIB card, allows fiber linking between Eclipse intercom matrixes of the Median and Omega classes in order for large, even multi-venue productions to tie their intercom systems together. Multiple Eclipse systems may then act as one non-blocking Matrix system using redundant high-capacity fiber, resulting in a large, high-quality, full-duplex communications for mobile production, studio integration or sports and performing facilities. The dual concentric fiber ring provides full redundancy while maintaining audio links, even when the main fiber pair is fully disconnected in more than one place.

The fiber networking comes with extensive diagnostics that help to centrally or remotely manage a large multi-system network.

Upgrades to the ECS configuration software include moving to a Microsoft Windows™ look and feel, resulting in a more intuitive operation. ECS enhancements include click and drop key label assignment, fiber and trunk networking, and extensive diagnostics that help to centrally or remotely manage a large multi-system network.

The new 4.0 software version also features Dual Talk and Listen operation and additional swap page on i-station panels. The Dual Talk and Listen function mimics lever key operation on pushbuttons, effectively doubling the number of keys. This gives the i-station a swap page that doubles the pushbuttons to 62 in 1RU. The v4.0 i-station has the greatest quantity of keys in the industry in 1RU, making it an advantage for users with numerous wireless connections.