At PLASA 2005, Alcons (stand AA6) will present a number of new product additions and highlights of its current line-up.

This year, the production model of the LR14 ultra-compact line-array module, shown last year as a prototype, will be on show. It features the patented RBN401 pro-ribbon driver and double 6.5" woofers with a dispersion pattern of 120x15 degrees. The LR14 can operate as an ultra-compact line-array system or as under-fill of the LR16.

The LR14B complements Alcons’ ultra-compact line-array range. It is the high-output bass module of the LR14 line-array, with double Neodymium 12" in double-tuned band-pass configuration. The LR14B combines a very low weight with very high specific SPL output, making the LR14B an ideal low-frequency extension in both stacked and flown array configurations.

The new BRK-3LR14 swivel bracket adds flexibility to the LR14 range. The swivel bracket is used to put three units of LR14 line-array modules on a single tri-pod speaker stand. With a pipe speaker stand, the array can also be mounted on the LR14B module, to create a "speaker-on-a-stick" array.

The Q-series modular ribbon line-source columns will also be on show. The series consists of the QR18 (0.5m length, with RBN1801 and 3x 6.5" woofers) and the QR36 (1m length, with 2x RBN1801 and 6x 6.5" woofers). Both columns feature frontal bass reflex-loading and Alcons’ patented "Real-90" horizontal dispersion.

The series has been designed to obtain ultimate intelligibility in "acoustically challenging" environments. The scalable ribbon-arrays combine a very high directivity with totally controlled dispersion, in both vertical and horizontal plane. The columns, with lengths of 1m or 0.5m feature patented, all-new pro-ribbon transducer technology. The RBN1801 pro-ribbon driver offers power handling of 3kW and a very high efficiency of 110dB with 1W/1m, with a frequency operating range of 1kHz–20kHz (+/-3dB).

A selection of other Alcons products will be on show, including the LR16 "The Ribbon" pro-ribbon line-array module, the LR16B bass system, and the VR8 and VR12 systems.