The JM-1P from Meyer Sound is a self-powered, arrayable loudspeaker designed to integrate seamlessly in tightly packed clusters where horizontal coverage must be predictably scaled. Distinguished by its 20˚ horizontal by 60˚ vertical pattern, consistent polar response, and patented trapezoidal enclosure, the loudspeaker also features patented REM™ (ribbon emulation manifold) technology for low distortion and tight pattern control, as well as a constant-Q horn for uniform response throughout the coverage area. Frequency range is 55Hz to 18kHz, with a maximum peak SPL of 136dB (at 1m). The high-frequency section is driven by a 4" diaphragm compression driver, complemented by a 15", long-excursion cone transducer for the low-mid section. Power is supplied by a dual-channel class AB/H amplifier with a total power output of 1,275W (2,550W peak), while onboard processing includes electronic crossover, comprehensive driver protection, and correction filters for flat frequency and phase responses. Quickfly® rigging options provide various mounting and flying options. An optional RMS™ remote monitoring system allows monitoring of system parameters on a Windows®-based computer.