Roland Systems Group has debuted its Edirol V-8 Eight Channel Video Mixer. This next generation video mixer represents the expansion of the Edirol V-4 four channel video mixer, incorporating the same primary feature set.

VJ artist Grant Davis (aka VJ Culture) comments, “The V-8 is a truly amazing visual instrument and video mixer. For some shows that require more than four inputs we need to use multiple mixers, plus scan converters to get our computer inputs into the video mixers. The V-8 does it all in one unit, plus it has some pretty cool new effects and control surface cross-faders.”

In addition to a number of new video effects, the user interface incorporates fader controls for effects on each bus and master output fader. Each of the first seven input channels has BNC connectors and loop-thru functions for individual channel monitoring. The eighth input can take either s-video or computer via 15-pin D-SUB. There can be two computers connected, accessible via a selector switch which auto detects the format accepting signals up to 1600 x 1200, eliminating the need for outboard scan converters.