Prysm, Inc. introduces display solutions powered by its proprietary technology, Laser Phosphor Display (LPD), which are purpose-built to provide applications with high image quality, extremely wide viewing angles, and seamless configurations for improved content delivery. and consume up to 75 percent less power than other display technologies on the market.

Prysm’s display solutions are made up of four key components. Each system consists of one or more tiles (model TD1), an image processor, user-friendly software for remote operation, and several highly configurable frame options including a fixed and stackable rental frame.

With a 25” diagonal (4:3) tile as the building block, displays can be built into a variety of sizes. Features include a viewing angle of nearly 180 degrees in both the horizontal and vertical, a brightness of 800nits, an optical seam of .25mm, and a refresh rate of 240Hz. Powered by LPD’s solid-state components, the display solution offers an internal health monitor and auto-calibration system for 24/7 continuous operation and stable performance over the life of the application.