Doremi Labs introduces the affordable V1-HD/LE disk recorder for AV applications. The V1-HD/LE’s real-time recording excels in AV applications where the video material is updated frequently.

Until now only HD video media players provided affordable high definition video playback. However, without recording capability they are impractical in applications where the video content needs to be updated frequently. Doremi’s new V1-HD/LE breaks through the price barrier and provides a practical solution for A/V projects that require a real-time HD video recorder.

The V1-HD/LE’s superior resolution HD video playback is a perfect match for high-resolution video projectors, plasma and LCD displays. Applications for the V1-HD/LE include theme parks, museums, concerts and other stage events.

The V1-HD/LE records and plays HD-SDI andSDI video at a better than 2:1 compression ratio. The V1-HD/LE features two hot-swap removable drives for up to 80 minutes of recording. Store multiple video files in any SD or HD format; 1080i, 1080p, 720p, 525 and 625 line video.

The V1-HD/LE can be used as a drop-in replacement for HD video VTRs. Frame accurate chase provides for multi-unit synchronization. Clips and play lists can be programmed effortlessly from the front panel or with Doremi’s Windows or Mac software via Ethernet. The V1-HD/LE accepts standard serial RS-422 machine control commands for frame accurate remote control.