Digital Projection International (DPI) announced a partnership with Silicon Optix to release an external video switcher/image processor for use with all of DPI’s precision displays and DP’s entire lineup of 1-chip and 3-chip DLP projectors.

The VIP 1000 will be compatible with all existing and previously released DP projectors and provides user-selectable adjustments to improve the quality of any video source.

The VIP 1000 can serve multiple operational functions. As a source switcher, the VIP 1000 can accept a variety of inputs, scale them to a user-selectable native resolution and provide the switched signal as either a DVI or analog feed to the projector. Image adjustments include size, aspect ratio, colorimetry, gamma and geometry. It features advanced noise filtration circuits, specifically tailored to optimize imaging performance of lower quality and analog video sources.

It employs the new Realta HQV image processor from Silicon Optix. The Realta HQV combines the broadcast quality video processing of the Teranex system with the geometric scaling technology from Silicon Optix to create a new display standard known as HQV (Hollywood Quality Video). For HD material, HQV features true 10-bit processing, automatic multi-cadence detection, and four-field per-pixel deinterlacing–the highest quality HD deinterlacing available today. Instead of discarding half the resolution, and just doubling the lines, HQV processes all 2 million+ pixels in both fields of a 1080i signal, preserving all the rich detail in an HD scene. Also, HQV per-pixel, motion adaptive noise reduction cleans the random noise that can plague HD broadcasts.

Additionally, as a majority of TV programming is still delivered as standard-definition (SD) 480-line interlaced video, scaling from 480i video to 1080p involves resizing an image up to six times. Realta HQV employs a combination of features, such as a 1024-tap scaler, HQV detail enhancement and HQV random, block and mosquito noise reduction, so that standard-definition broadcast TV and DVDs can approach HD quality.

VIP 1000 will provide greater flexibility in application control for users of both DP’s home cinema and commercial AV projectors. VIP 1000’s advanced routing capabilities allows multiple inputs to be channeled through a single cable to the projector. The small unit fits in a space only one rack-unit high and is designed for easy integration into any commercial control center. Optimizing and upgrading the VIP 1000 can be accomplished via downloadable firmware updates, available online, thus increasing the serviceable life span of the product.

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