Ross Video introduces new versions of SD and HD Production Switchers, Synergy SD Digital Production Switchers, and OverDrive.

Synergy MD -SD & HD Production Switchers - Version 5.1
The Synergy MD/X Multi-Definition Production Switchers bring new features to market in 2006. An enhanced range of formats now includes: standard definition at 525 and 625 lines and high definition at 720P, 1080i, and 1080psf with 50 Hz, 59.94Hz, and 24fps rates. The Synergy MD WARP engine adds curvilinear effects to the Squeeze & Tease 3D DVE. Squeeze & Tease 3D adds JLAW (Just-Like-A-Wipe) transitions, making it simple to perform a background or any combination of background plus key transitions. Key borders, proc amps, and color correctors will also be showcased.

Another advancement is SmartConversion, enabling mixed format sources to be used in a production, automatically switching in up and down converters in the background as needed. This frees the TD to focus on the production while Synergy handles format translation. Synergy SD users familiar with the award-winning Aspectizer option will immediately understand SmartConversion's power and flexibility.

Also new with Synergy MD/X is the ability to add the OverDrive Production Control System, offering clients the ability to go HD and achieve operational efficiencies at the same time. Synergy MD/X is fully up to date with all of the extensive external device controls found in Synergy SD.

Synergy SD - Digital Production Switchers - Version 17
Synergy SD continues to advance with the launch of version 17 software providing major additions to the array of device control interfaces, operational enhancements and support for the latest version of OverDrive. Added device interfaces include: Avid Airspeed and EVS maXS Servers, Panasonic, Canon, Hitachi, and Sony Robotic Cameras, Chyron Duet, and Pinnacle Deko CGs, Extron, Nvision NV9000, and Utah SC-4 Routers, Sony Minidisc audio cart machines, Yamaha DM 1000 audio boards, Look Ahead Serial Tally (LAST) for interface to virtual sets such as BrainStorm and enhancements to the Miranda K2 virtual monitor wall system.

Operational enhancements include: added features in the Custom Control macro system, independently mappable Auxiliary Buses, CCU override latch mode, quick random access cueing of Servers, VTRs and DDRs via the numeric keypad, and an enhanced audio clip menu to name a few. This software release is free to all Synergy SD customers with a current version control panel CPU board; contact Ross Technical Services for details.

OverDrive - Integrated Production Control System
Ross Video will be releasing version 5.0 of the OverDrive Integrated Production Control System, which includes applications for News, Sports, Worship and Live Event productions. The latest release increases the power and flexibility of OverDrive by adding MOS interfaces for popular graphics systems such as Avid Deko, Chyron Duet, Harris Inscriber and VizRT systems, the satellite SideCar control panel, and several new device interfaces including the Ross SMS video server, Yamaha PM5D and Wheatstone D series audio mixers. Remote client operation allows users to create rundowns off-line or to control productions from remote locations. OverDrive MD systems take advantage of the advanced features, such as Aux Keys and Global Stores in the Synergy MD and MD-X series of switchers. Hot-standby backup server operation with a 3 year hardware replacement program is included with OverDrive redundant server package.