Ross Video has launched the Vision Quattro family of production switchers and announced the “MLE for Free” promotion on the Vision Quattro Series. Customers buying this new series switcher will have their rackframes upgraded with an additional MLE of processing electronics at no extra charge.

“We are very excited about Vision Quattro,” says David Ross, CEO. “Our development team continues to raise the bar and with Quattro and we are providing an even broader set of tools that our customers can use to get their creative visions on the air.”

Vision Quattro offers a choice of 7 different control panel models, 2 rackframe sizes and 3 configurations. The control panel models include the Vision 1 1 MLE 16 crosspoint button panel, Vision 1M 1 MLE 24 crosspoint button panel, Vision 2 2 MLE 16 crosspoint button panel, Vision 2M 2 MLE 24 crosspoint button panel, Vision 2X 2 MLE 32 crosspoint button panel, Vision 3 3 MLE 32 crosspoint button panel, and Vision 4 4 MLE 40 crosspoint button panel.

The small chassis, Quattro MD, is a compact 3RU, offering four full 4-keyer MEs and 48 Multi-Definition inputs. The large chassis, Quattro MD-X, offers four full 4-keyer MLEs, 6 keys downstream, and 96 multi-definition inputs.

The 3 configuration options are Vision Quattro Multi-Definition—full 4 keyer per MLE system, Vision Quattro Multi-Definition—2 Keyer per MLE system, and Vision Quattro Standard-Definition—4 keyer per MLE system.

“The Vision Quattro series are the most powerful and flexible production switchers we make,” Ross adds. “The QMD rackframe with 4 MLEs in 3RU is truly remarkable and I am sure will be a favorite in mobile and live event applications in which space and portability are important.”

On the MLE for Free promotion, Ross notes, “This is an unprecedented program, it’s almost like throwing in an extra engine for free in a car. Vision Quattro already represents a new benchmark in price/performance and this program makes Vision Quattro a hands down winner in any competitive comparison.”

“This proves that Ross Video truly is ‘Crazy Dave’s House of Switchers,’” adds Jeff Moore, executive VP, Marketing and Sales.