Visitors to the booth of a major pharmaceutical exhibitor at the American College of Cardiology’s Scientific Session March 24-27 in New Orleans literally got a glimpse of the future: stunning video images that appeared to rise in three dimensions from the surface of a 40-inch 3D MultiView display from NewSight Corporation.

NewSight’s MultiView displays, now available from PRG Video, allow the viewer to perceive impressive 3D representations spatially, without the need for viewing aids such as 3D glasses. PRG worked with NewSight and Exploria, the video content creator, to adapt the video graphics for best effect in the 3D format. PRG also provided lighting and three Barco R12+ projectors fed by a Grass Valley turbo iDDR Hard Drive for the booth, which was conceptualized by Lou Competielle of Loran Associates, Inc.

Showing the informational video on the 3D screen not only caught the eyes of the cardiologists attending the show—it helped them visualize the content more realistically, explains Michael Wohlitz, PRG’s senior project coordinator for the event. “Physicians are used to looking at the human body in all dimensions. The screen showed the processes discussed in the video graphically in a way these professionals could quickly see and understand.”

PRG now offers a full rental line of NewSight 3D displays. Wohlitz sees a strong demand for the technology in the trade show and special events market. “The screen produces vivid, high-definition images, so the effect literally stops people in their tracks. And with the added dimension of depth, exhibitors can showcase their products from every angle to the best advantage. It’s a great way to tell your story.”