PRG has added Barco Folsom’s Encore Presentation System to its product inventory, continuing a 24-month expansion of its video division. With the growth of its video capabilities, the longtime leader in lighting, audio, and scenic technologies has become the premier one-stop shop for high-quality equipment and services for the entertainment industry.

“Our clients increasingly have been asking us for video solutions, in addition to our other services, and we responded,” says Tim Wiley, vice president, PRG. “We’ve been investing in top-of-the-line equipment and we have brought on board some of the nation’s leading video professionals to offer expertise and support. As a result, corporate and other clients can count on us for high-quality video production for any size event—from a simple presentation to a stadium show.”

The Encore Presentation System can effectively support from one to 32 screens in any configuration, enabling a single console and operator to run up to 32 discrete screens, a seamless edge-blended superwide screen, or any combination of these. The system can integrate any combination of media, including computers, live cameras, videotape, or DDR playback from standard definition to high resolution.

Similarly, the Encore makes it possible to mix and match standard and high-definition cameras, standard and high-definition media playback, and high-resolution computer graphics. PRG offers the Encore system with a choice of controller models: the Encore Controller SC for presentations using from one to six screens and the LC model for up to 32 screens.

“We’re responding to the tremendous growth of the corporate-industrial market and our clients’ interest in mounting productions that are as high in quality as they are spectacular in scale,” adds Wiley. Over the past year and a half, PRG has opened full-service video depots in Chicago; Orlando; Las Vegas; Mount Vernon, NY; and Toronto.