Luxology® LLC has announced the release of its new modo™ 301 evaluation version and modo in Focus video series. This bundle of software and eight high-resolution movies quickly orients new users to the artist-friendly toolset in modo. The evaluation software has 100% feature parity with the commercial version of modo, and includes an unlimited 30-day license for both the PC and Mac.

“This is a brand new on-ramp for anyone who is interested in learning more about modo,” says Brad Peebler, president and co-founder of Luxology. “We are not only offering a 30-day license to a feature-complete version of modo 301, we are including a highly approachable set of videos that really capture the essence of using modo.”

The modo in Focus video album is designed to quickly introduce key modo concepts and workflows. It includes eight videos that cover everything from the modo user interface and terminology to specific 3D workflows that fully tap the power of modo. Containing over 148 minutes of high-resolution video narrated by Luxology’s Andy Brown, the videos quickly impart a sense of how modo can be used for modeling, sculpting, UV editing, 3D painting, animation and rendering. More than a tour, modo in Focus invites experimentation and includes a series of hands-on exercises to enhance understanding.