Version 4.1 of Pandoras Box (PB) Media Server software from coolux includes the latest PB Warp Engine, video processing capability with field and frame blending, and new HD and SD de-interlacing options on the ultra-low latency HD/SD-SDI input cards. The Warp Engine is an image-shaping tool that enables quick and accurate projection of complex objects to almost any shape or surface. Output from multiple PB servers can be adjusted for realtime compositing and reproduction onto any curved or non-planar screen. Adjustment of complex shapes via Bézier curves allows parallel curves and single-point editing. Frame blending allows the speed of playback to be continuously adjusted in realtime. To process slow-motion playback, new frames are calculated in realtime to match the actual frame rate. The HD and SD field-based de-interlacing function provides maximum resolution through computing and recalculating of all available fields. All fields are recalculated and blended in realtime without losing resolution and preserving all fields and frames. All PB products now include the de-interlacing options for top-field, bottomfield, and full-field blending.

Widgets add a new set of control and connection possibilities, featuring freely downloadable, application-based tools for the integration of customized interfaces. Widget Designer allows users to customize control panels, and via the PB Media Net network, multiple control panels can be implemented and accessed. Widget Designer can be used as either a controller extension or as an optional input device for multimedia applications.

The new Switcher is a preset-based playback interface for live shows and events. With eight submasters, each featuring eight individual presets and a fader, as well as go buttons and programmable fade duration, the switcher allows cues and presets to be recalled at any time. It can be controlled via mouse or touchscreen and installed on any number of PC systems running Windows® XP over the PB Media Net network.

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