Christian rock group Jars of Clay added the ‘wow’ factor of DL.2™ onto their North American tour.

“Every city we have gone to we get the ‘wow’ factor of what the DL2 can do. There are so many ways to use the fixture,” says tour LD Kevin Maas of lighting contractor The Opera Shop in Denver. “I have used it to do something as simple as a stage wash for some extra color, as well as to project aerials into the crowd and on a cyc. The band has been really pleased with the fixture. Every day we try to do something new and creative. There are so many stock images and video that can be used. Using DL2 is a great part of creating the mode for each song.”

Lighting contractor is The Opera Shop of Denver. TLS of Huntsville, AL, provided the two High End System DL.2s on the tour, which runs until April 15. Production manager is Mark DuFrene of Austin, TX.