Projected Image Digital(PID) will deliver its 2nd Digital Video Workshop (DVW) at Turnmills London EC1 on June 26 & 28, 2007.

Event highlights will include special Catalyst and PixelMAD professional tutorial sessions and hands-on training workshops presented and run by legendary SAMSC developer Richard Bleasdale and the PID Team.

PID’s David March says, “It’s terrific to have Richard here in person to engage with serious users of this technology. We will have a whole raft of new hardware solutions on-hand to show how Catalyst can be configured to meet different applications and budgets whilst allowing upgrades as users needs change.”

This new digital video and lighting technology showcase concept is designed to highlight the latest technologies via key presentations in a relaxed, informal environment, offering hands-on opportunities and demonstrations with the experts:

Digital video technology featured at DVW2 includes the Catalyst V4 digital media server complete with all-new features; a selection of Apple computers featuring Final Cut Studio 2; a range of Luminex controls – Ethernet to DMX conversion units - including wireless models; the DL2 Digital Light Engines from High End Systems, driven by the new Road Hog console; an array of Element Labs products including VersaRAY, Stealth ‘transparent’ LED screen, VersaTILE and VersaTUBE; a brand new range of PID content clips; Pharos architectural controllers driving a system of LED's .

There will be presentations from David March, MD of Projected Image Digital; Al Mooney, Apple UK’s video business development manager; and Mats Karlsson, Barco’s creative light imaging product manager

Topics covered will include the Catalyst V4’s new features and developments; an “Introduction to Digital Lighting and Video”; application examples; the control and manipulation of digital video across different resolution devices/surfaces; an Apple Presentation with Final Cut Studio highlights and features; and Mats Karlsson’s “Video Is Here To Stay” presentation, plus interactive demos with the experts on all featured products.

As before, a series of hands-on breakout sessions will allow attendees to get close up to all the various equipment. Each area will illustrate how its featured technology is being applied in practice to particular sectors.

This event is completely free. There are limited places, so anyone interested in attending should contact Projected Image Digital as soon as possible.