Analog Way announces a new universal up and down scaler, the Optimizer HD™, a device that provides a scan converter, scaler, and a standard converter with TBC functions in one box.

Fitted with universal analog or digital input, Optimizer HD converts any TV, HDTV, or PC signal into a digital TV, HDTV, or high resolution PC format. The Optimizer HD input signal can be analog NTSC/PAL/SECAM, SVideo, RGB/YUV, HDYUV, RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, or Digital DVI and SD/HD-SDI. Optimizer HD supports TV and HDTV formats including 1080p and 1080sF@24/25Hz and computer formats from VGA to UXGA and 2K@60 Hz.

Optimizer HD provides an amazing image quality thanks to its powerful geometric bandlet based computing technology. The true 10 bits TV/HDTV processing path is preserved by state-of-the-art over sampling 12 bits A/D converters and scaling with special edge diagonal compensation.

Auto-clock and phase adjustments insure a true picture up or down scaling with every original pixel of the image. The image adjustments and device setup are recorded in a non-volatile memory.

Optimizer HD is equipped with an analog genlock input with an active loop through and offers a choice between SDTV Black Burst and Black HD-YUV. It allows genlocking of HDTV output signal on an SDTV Black Burst. User phase adjustments are also available.

Optimizer HD features analog balanced audio stereo input for embedding audio into the SD/HDSDI signal with AV delay compensation.

The Optimizer HD’s large front panel shows many direct access image adjustments with a bright, easy to read fluorescent display and a convenient control knob. It offers many useful features such as a 500% zoom and user programmable EDID for DVI input. The standard RS232 connection and Gui allow a full remote control of the device and also upgrade capability. Optional RJ45 is available for IP control.