"Lightweight, well-engineered, bright, and reliable," says one judge about Pixled’s F-11 11mm flexible, indoor/outdoor display modules with 3-in-1 SMD LED technology and semi-transparency like a scrim.

The F-11 fits into Pixled’s line of LED video products that range in pixel pitch from 6mm to 40mm with varying levels of transparency. "Theatre directors and set designers are understandably very discerning about any display that may alter the look and feel of a show," says another judge. "The F-11 has proven to be the perfect tool to dissipate any of those concerns. It performs reliably and is an economic, lightweight package, while giving incredible resolution and brightness. With a little diffusion, it looks like rear-projection." From car shows to television awards specials, the F-11 adds visual pizzazz. "Pixled F-11 features gorgeous imagery with superior color depth and high-quality engineering, making it tremendously tour-able," adds a third judge.