Spyder 359 And
Spyder 3410

Vista Systems

The Spyder 359 supports arrays of up to eight displays, providing five universal input cards, one universal output card to support a scaled output of the entire aggregate display area, an operator's monitor or an additional display, and two DX4 output cards, each with four DVI outputs. The system offers five input layers and can accommodate an input expansion frame if required. The Spyder 3410 builds on the system, with four universal input cards and 10 outputs, eight of which are from two DX4 cards, while the other two are universal output cards. The frame is designed for heavy display support along with possibility of a scaled output.

MS9600 JPEG 2000


MS9600 JPEG 2000 is a server appliance that plays unencrypted JPEG2000 content at 2K, 1080p, and 720p resolutions. With the ability to offer sharp, vivid images, the MS9600 incorporates 2K resolution via dual HD-DSI and dual DVI-I video outputs, an advanced user interface and confidence monitor, and 16 channels of digital audio. It features timecode and genlock, gigabit network, and four general-purpose I/Os. The unit also supports web interface for complete remote control and configuration for playlist management, SNMP, reporting, and metadata support. MS9600 JPEG 2000 complies with 48 fps 3D playback, and multiple units can be synchronized for multi-screen presentation.


Barco, Inc.

The DML-1200 is a 12,000-lumen moving digital luminaire with DLP video projector capability. In light mode, the DML-1200 produces a circular light beam with an output equivalent to that of a 1,200W hard-edged moving light. In video mode, the unit features a fully sealed DLP engine delivering full color DLP quality video with SXGA+ (1400×1050 pixel) resolution with a light output of 10,000 lumens. The fixture is suitable for both fixed and professional rental and staging applications.

Emerge® EMS Series


The Emerge EMS series of VGA-over-CAT5 extenders features AV extenders for delivery of HD video and CD-quality digital audio across installations up to 1000' away.With newly added RS232 support, video display panels can be controlled and interrogated remotely, making the series appropriate for digital signage applications. The EMS2100T transmitter and EMS2100R receiver deliver point-to-point VGA video, audio, and serial data.With video performance up to 1600×1200 resolution and support of RS232, the units can apply a high level of signal compensation and brightness correction.Each receiver supports two displays and two audio devices and has integrated skew correction with a 300MHz bandwidth so it can counteract negative effects of the skew that can occur when extending video signals over distances. Another new model,the EMS2400T transmitter, extends a single HD video, high fidelity audio, and RS232 signal to four different receivers and supports a local port to connect a local screen, speakers, and serial device.This unit additionally supports cascading, enabling multiple transmitters to be linked together offering unlimited enterprise expansion.

Max/MSP Version 5

Cycling '74

Max/MSP Version 5.0 is a media development tool with a completely redesigned multi-processing kernel and a streamlined development environment built on a platform-independent foundation. With a new patcher interface, searchable database of objects and examples, integrated documentation, and new tutorials, new users will encounter a smoother learning curve, while experienced users will see improved productivity. In addition to a modern infrastructure designed to support multi-core processors and accommodate future operating systems, the software features a stylized UI intended to aid in the expression and understanding of complex ideas. Each graphical element has a unique look that informs the user of its function, and the new presentation mode allows performance layouts that do not affect the programmer's view of the patch.


Cadac Classic ME2

Cadac Electronics

Cadac Classic ME2 is a two-channel mic pre-amp mixer providing two independent audio paths, each with dedicated mic pre-amp and four-band fully-parametric EQ.Each audio path has fully balanced inserts and switchable pre- or post-EQ, in addition to balanced auto-compensating analog outputs.An AES-3 output is also provided, and multiple units can be buss-linked together to create a small format multi-channel console. Other features include +60dB gain; an additional stereo mix bus on 15-way D-connectors for daisy chaining multiple units together with each audio path equipped with dedicated level/pan controls; mute and PFL control; phantom power; polarity reverse; 20dB pad; 14Hz to 400Hz switchable variable high pass filter; insert points on XLRs with pre-EQ selection switch; a 12-segment LED bar graph display with switchable fade; analog hand-tuned electronically balanced output; AES/EBU digital output switchable 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz; 16-bit and 24-bit operation; and digital synchronization via internal or external BNC word clock.

VerTec® VT4880ADP Ultra Long

Excursion Arrayable Subwoofer

JBL Professional

The VT4880ADP 2×18" arrayable subwoofer is a high output, lightweight companion subwoofer fitted with two 18“ 2269G ultra long excursion low frequency transducers, each rated at 2,000W continuous, 8,000W peak. The sub can deliver 137dB SPL at 1m. Weighing 220lbs, multiple units can be arrayed or ground-stacked. The optional networked DPCN (CobraNet™-compatible) input modules from Crown allow JBL VerTec DP Series systems to link into Harman Professional's HiQnet™ system. With optional network modules installed, users have remote control and monitoring access to system functionality and digital speaker presets via HiQnet System Architect™ software. The VT4880ADP is pre-configured with new V4 DSP preset data, developed using JBL's Loudspeaker Data Manager software.

SB1002 Subwoofer


The EAW SB1002 is a large-format, dual-18" loaded subwoofer that can be ground-stacked or flown via an integral rigging system. The sub offers a direct radiating design with driver mounting that maximizes cone area and minimizes frontal area. The two 18" drivers offer 4.5" voice coils as well as neodymium magnet structures to reduce weight. The operating range is 27Hz to 161Hz (+/-3dB), while maximum sound pressure levels average 129dB, with a peak of 135dB. The rigging system features a two-point approach that accommodates flown arrays of up to 12 units. A handle provides push-pull ability in the flying process. Dual Neutrik Speakon NL4 connectors are positioned on a rear-mounted section of the cabinet, angled inward at approximately 45°, allowing the sub to be positioned flush against walls in ground-stack applications. The cabinets are finished in scratch-resistant Chemline coating, and an optional caster pallet and fly bar are also available.

PCx-1000 Duplex



PCx-1000 is a full duplex wireless multi-station that allows up to eight people to communicate simultaneously within a quarter mile range. These radios are not voice activated, so there is no delay when transmitting, and the units operate like a telephone. PCx radios are engineered with a frequency-hopping architecture called Spread Spectrum. In this format, all radios in a group occupy a specific frequency for a fraction of a second, so transmissions cannot be interrupted by any other wireless system. There is no base station or FCC license required. A full line of heavy duty and lightweight headsets are also available allowing customers to customize the system.


Magnum 850

Martin Professional

The compact Magnum 850 uses a 750W heat exchanger and a high quality piston pump to put out 200m3/min of dense fog. The unit warms up fast and is continuously operational with a variety of fluid options available for different applications. The delivery of a continuous and even level of fog and the incorporation of soft-start electronics yield a low noise level. Supplied with a hand-held remote control, an optional timer remote is also available.


Chroma-Q™ Color Punch™

A.C. Lighting

Color Punch™ is a compact IP65 fixture with a 1,250-lumen output and housed in machined aluminum and high impact plastic casing. The fixture features convection cooling for completely silent operation and a single LED head of RGB cells and FxHSI (Effects, Hue, Saturation, and Intensity) control modes with a 22° beam angle. The unit also features a five-channel strobe RGBI mode for separate adjustment of intensity level and a mode for selecting stored looks via DMX. The fixture comes with a yoke attachment, a built-in power supply, and a choice of standalone or DMX-control. An optional clip-on lens media cover accessory is also available.

DIN Rail DMX Splitter

Visual Productions

To complement the latest version of VisualDMX lighting control software, Visual Productions has introduced a new series of DIN Rail products, including a DMX splitter. The splitter takes a DMX signal and sends it out again on its six DMX output ports, allowing a star-topology for efficient cable usage. Each output port can drive 32 devices, in addition to the 32 already driven by DMX alone. The splitter can also function as a signal booster, as each port supports another 300m-long connection. All connections have detachable screw connectors for unit replacement. The DMX input port is protected through optical isolation, safeguarding the unit and its connected equipment against power surges and dangerous ground loops. Power is at 8 to 12V DC, with an optional external power supply.

Event Panel System

Elation Professional

Event Panel System is an RGB LED color-changing panel that comes with its own battery pack and 288 high-output 10mm LEDs (48 red, 120 green, 120 blue). It includes 14 built-in programs, a variable strobe effect (one to 18 flashes per second), 0 to 100% dimming, RGB variable fade rate color mixing, and flicker-free operation. The panel can be controlled remotely from up to 30' away, using Elation's ELAR WR Wireless Infrared Controller, included with the system. The remote gives operators control over the built-in programs, strobing, blackout, and RGB mixing, and the IR receiver on the panel can be placed by the user into the proper position manually. It can be operated with a standard DMX controller or run as a standalone unit in four different modes. Featuring a 40° beam angle, the system outputs to a distance of 65' to 85'. A 12V power supply to recharge the battery is included with the system. It draws 36W of power and will run for 10 hours of full-power continuous use. Rated at IP20, the system is not intended for permanent outdoor installation, extended outdoor use, or operation in rain or inclement weather.


Gobo Tweaker

Gobo Tweaker incorporates any design from the Goboland Premier Steel Collection into an all-in-one tool, complete with orientation handle for alignment of images within the gate of an ellipsoidal. It is designed to fit into a standard gobo holder with the handle protruding out of the gobo gate. Heat dispersing holes in the handle ensure this manipulation can be made without burning fingers, while a clip holds the Gobo Tweaker in place. The units are made of non-reflective, black-coated steel and are available in B-size from the Premier Collection. Custom designs can also be produced in this format.



DreamBox is a multifunctional toolbox with two DMX ports and one USB 2.0 port that communicates with a PC or laptop via USB. With additional Robe software, DreamBox provides fixture software updates, DMX control, and RDM functionality in its aluminum housing with no extra PSU needed. The unit also supports the new control protocol featuring AutoPatch and Fixture Status Monitoring. It can be used in combination with Robe Media Fusion software as DMX input from any DMX console and brings RDM communication protocol into DMX control systems via DMX/USB or USB/DMX converter. It supports Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003, CE.NET, Linux, and Mac OS X, 9, and 8 operating systems.

SoftPlot 9.1

Stage Research, Inc.

SoftPlot version 9.1 new features include more reporting options (a group schedule report and two new color cut reports), additional option selections in the CAD import window, command button shortcuts, a new focus status view mode, and multiple pictorial views of fixtures. The upgrade also offers an inventory tree listing with a new sound category of symbols for creating sound design drawings. The legend builder now provides selection or rotation of graphic symbols used in the legend, and instrument types may be removed or included in the legend. Default font sizes have been modified to be a more useful size, and the legend outline has been changed to draw at width two instead of one. With enhanced data export to Lightwright 4, DMX universes are now exported by extending the dimmer or DMX setting, and focus status and focus points are now exported. All export fields default to LW4 field names, and accessories and DMX-controlled accessories are now also exported. Additionally, users can now select all categories of a selected manufacturer to more easily find a desired gobo during gobo inventory importing.

LightFactory Version 1.3.2

Dream Solutions

LightFactory Version 1.3.2 has a number of major enhancements including a full tracking backup function, the ability for one LightFactory system to control others, and the ability to set a master fade override for channel groups. The Magic Update function automatically updates palettes when updating a cue. Property/Attribute effects now support out of order fixtures, and media effects now play more than one audio file simultaneously. Also added are fully generic color palettes and auto creation of CYM and color wheel chases. Effects playbacks have also been enhanced, and a new copy button is now included in the channel display. Additional new features include bi-directional communication with LightConverse visualizer and full capture auto focus features.

Showbiz® T8 2' High Output Cinema Linear Fluorescent Lamps


The 2' Showbiz® T8 High Output Cinema Linear fluorescent lamp provides the same light output and color stability as standard T8 lamps, but now comes in a shorter design to better accommodate space constraints in film, TV, and still photography applications. Still measuring a slim 1" diameter and offering colors that match tungsten (3,200K) and daylight (5,500K) reference spectra for film, the lamps feature a 95 color-rendering index on the 3200K color and 97 color-rendering index on the 5500K color with the use of rare-earth and full spectrum phosphors. Each offers 90% lumen maintenance over 2,000 hours of service for brightness stability. The color emissions of the Showbiz T8 lamp respond to the spectral sensitivity curves of film and electronic imaging media, eliminating the common green spikes often apparent with older or less advanced products. LD