The Restrictor

Tiffin Scenic

The Restrictor rope lock prevents release of a rope when an out-of-balance condition exists. If the operator cannot overcome the imbalance by physical strength, the rope lock will not disengage. The handle and can design enables the lock to remain closed without the use of an oval ring. With all-steel construction and 4½"-long shoes that grip the rope, it is said to be the strongest rope lock on the market. It can mount on a standard locking rail.

ColorFast Tubes

Lee Filters

Lee Filters now offers the ColorFast line of fluorescent tubes that are off-the-shelf and ready to ship. ColorFast Tubes are color-infused fluorescent available in T5 and T8 options, and are 48" long. The tubes are offered in 13 colors including ND (gray) to reduce intensity. The full line of available colors includes (209) 0.3 Neutral Density, (210) 0.6 Neutral Density, (205) ½ CTO, (285) ¾ CTO, (247) LEE Minus Green, (187) Cosmetic Rouge, (767) Oklahoma Yellow, (121) LEE Green, (139) Primary Green, (106) Primary Red, (119) Dark Blue, (181) Congo Blue, and (UV) UV Absorber.

Eclipse V-Series Panels


A range of new V-Series panels for Eclipse Digital Matrix intercom systems, the new 12- and 24-key panels feature audio digital signal processing (DSP) with pushbutton and lever key variants and a range of full-display extension panels. Panel keys offer individual mix level control, allowing users to set personal audio levels. The panels are the first in the industry to provide 10-character graphic displays, according to Clear-Com. Also new is greater flexibility in the naming of sources and destinations, with multilanguage capabilities and a variety of international fonts. DSP audio offers advantages of internal audio routing, EQ, improved audio control, and intelligent dimming and sidetone. The supervisor functionality feature allows a central user to remotely control any panel in the system and configure it in parallel control with the local user. Clear-Com's “Listen Again” technology employs digital audio memory to allow replay of the last 10 seconds of communications.

Colorado 1


The Colorado 1 indoor/outdoor (IP65-rated) DMX wash features a die-cast aluminum body with 36 1W red, green, and blue LEDs evenly distributed for an 11.6° beam angle and 24° field angle. Features include RGB mixing, blackout, dimming, strobe, and a fading-pulse effect, among other functions, via nine channels. Up to 15 units can be daisy-chained, and each comes with built-in automatic color-changing and fade programs, as well as master/slave capability.

Source Four Revolution With Wybron Inside


New ETC Source Four® Revolutions are now shipped with a 24-frame-capacity “Wybron Inside” color scroller based on Wybron's industry-standard Coloram® technology. In response to suggestions from top-level lighting designers, ETC has worked with Wybron engineers to improve Revolution's cartridge-style color scroller with pinpoint precision and at higher speeds. The unit also features a new complement of colors in its standard 12-color scroll. One of the colors is Rosco 361, Hemsley Blue, named for Gilbert Hemsley, lighting designer and educator. Rosco donates all of the proceeds of this gel to the Hemsley Foundation, which benefits aspiring lighting design students. ETC also offers a kit for converting pre-Wybron Revolutions to the new scroller. The kit comes with instructions and preloaded code and takes about 30 minutes to install. The new scroller uses a different mounting technique for color strings, and a new template for scroller strings is included in the updated manual. The template is also available online.

Design LED 36WA, 36 UV


Two high-output DMX fixtures join Elation's Design LED Series: the Design LED 36WA white wash and the Design LED 36 UV ultraviolet wash. The 36WA includes 30 white LEDs and six amber LEDs for varying degrees of warm and cool white light. The 36 UV ultraviolet wash features 36 ultraviolet LEDs. The LEDs on both units are rated at 100,000 hours, and both feature strobing, 0 to 100% dimming, and a 30° medium-diffusion filter that can be removed for a narrower 20° effect, increasing output by 15%. Both models can also run internal programs in stand-alone/sound-active mode.

Interactive Messaging Unlimited Version 5


Applying the latest video display technology to cellular communications, Pangolin has released its Interactive Messaging Unlimited Version 5, a Windows-based software that allows text or picture messages from a variety of wireless devices to be displayed immediately on video screens, including projection video and laser systems. New features include expanded graphic display capabilities, improved and simplified tools for creating and using mobile-marketing address books, Windows Vista compatibility, and independent display and control of multimedia messages (MMS) and text messages (SMS). The software turns any Windows computer into a message control center for text and image messages displayed simultaneously with other content, including static and animated images, streaming video, and live broadcasts. Features include built-in voting capability, including the ability to display and chart voting results in real time; a new Jukebox feature that allows audience members to make requests; and the ability to send text messages to a group or individual and use caller ID to store phone numbers (or emails) of devices sending in messages for display. The package includes installation software, a portable, wireless modem — required to receive text messages — a USB cable, and tutorial DVD. The software is sold in basic and pro versions.

LED Matrix

American DJ

LED Matrix is a portable 32-cube LED panel that comes in its own suitcase-like carrying case. The 2-channel panel can be mounted overhead or set on a surface and operated with a standard DMX controller. Features include RGB color-mixing; 25 built-in programs; operation of each cube independently or together; and sound-active mode. The panel unfolds in seconds from its suitcase-style unit, which includes handles and a bracket for truss mounting. The unit can also be attached to American DJ's LTS-6 T-Bar Stand.

Light Fox

Martin Professional

Light Fox is a wall-mounted, playback controller optimized for Martin's range of Cyclo RGB+W fluorescent fixtures and StageBar 54 Series but is capable of controlling all types of RGBWA fixtures. Up to 20 static or dynamic presets can be recalled for quick atmosphere adjustments. Intensity and speed are adjustable for instant mood manipulation.



Xpander is a hardware and software video wall option to create, manage, and control information display systems across multiple screens, up to 64 total, by inserting a range of up to 16 graphics cards, each supporting up to four screens. Constructing a multi-screen data/video wall enables the display to be arranged in any rectangular format with optional video overlays support. In addition, multiple independent video windows can be displayed simultaneously and can be scaled to full screen with horizontal and vertical interpolation for higher-quality images. The package includes wall control-management software, which includes a special multi-screen display driver for use with Microsoft Windows XP. The software offers configuration of the multi-screen display, launch of video overlays, and creation of a wall layout. The system supports Flash, PowerPoint, Adobe, Movies (MPEG, WMV), QuickTime, RealPlayer, Internet, Scrolling Text, or News/RSS feeds. It offers resolution of 1900×1200 on an analog display and can be extended over Cat-6 cable using VCAT SmartAVI products.

RMS 5, Compass 1.8 Updates

Meyer Sound

Updates for Meyer Sound's RMS remote monitoring system and Compass control software for the Galileo loudspeaker-management system are now available. RMS 5 includes USB interface capability, particularly beneficial to those using Windows OS on an Intel Macintosh. Compass 1.8 adds a new 31-band graphic equalizer to each input. This EQ is a DSP recreation of a classic analog, third-octave, proportional-Q graphic equalizer. It is independent of Galileo's Composite EQ, which includes both TruShaping and CP-10 parametric EQ, and all three equalizer types can be used together. In addition, 186 bands of equalization have been added to the Galileo 616 processor's DSP engine. Version 1.8 also adds new shortcuts in the input and output processing windows and installs a firmware update for the Galileo 616 processor.

Eurocable Multicore Speaker Cable


Link introduces additions to its Eurocable line of speaker multicore cables designed for multi-amplified portable systems. The new LK48N40AD2 48 conductor hybrid multicore accommodates user requests for a 48×4sq.-mm cable with two additional AES pairs. The full Eurocable series includes configurations starting with 2×1.5sq.-mm conductors up through the new 48×4sq.-mm with two AES pairs.

Audio Performer

Tracer Technologies

Audio Performer is a simplified audio program designed to help any user quickly put together a performance audio soundtrack, appropriate for smaller theatres and houses of worship. It is a Wizard-style program that leads the user through each step of taking audio from CD, MP3, or his/her own recordings and selecting the portions to be used, as well as looping and naming them as separate files and putting them back together in their chosen order in the Playlist Editor. It can put together phrases of different songs and use its tools to blend them seamlessly, but it can also trigger these items in the playlist so an entire list of sound effects can be made for a theatre and triggered. It provides crossfades, pitch-shifting, and compression/expansion. The software can also output a CD.