V-44SW Video Mixer/Switcher


The Edirol by Roland V-44SW rack mount multi-format video mixer/switcher provides a solution for presentation, worship, and boardroom AV integrators and organizations, especially for corporate or volunteer-run applications where installation or live events call for switching and mixing between a variety of sources. It provides an interface that anyone can operate because it relies on presets established in advance. Additionally, the remote control capability via RS-232C or MIDI allows for customized interfaces. V-LINK* also allows the switcher to be controlled from any Roland/Edirol V-LINK enabled instrument via MIDI. The mixer/switcher features all the multi-format capabilities of the Edirol V-440HD in a compact, 2U rackmount unit. It mixes SD video, HD video, and computer signals up to WXGA — eight inputs in total. The output format is selectable between 1080i, 720p, and a variety of RGB formats up to WXGA (1366×768). The unit features an up-converter and scaler, which unifies diverse video sources into a unified image. It also features an array of transition effects, tally interface, picture-in-picture features, and luma/chroma keyer for overlaying graphics/text. For live visual performances, it also creates an affordable way to do multi-screen video by using the V-440HD as the master and up to five V-44SW units as slaves.

Axon Media Server

High End Systems

Axon is a rack-mount media server featuring the same graphics engine as the DL.2 digital light. It is a flexible solution for those who already have their own video display device. Axon provides all the functions of the DL.2 — including the new Collage Generator and Curved Surface Support — but it allows users to choose their own output device. Axon can feed video to High End Systems' DL.1, LED panels, or large format projectors. Because it is controlled exactly as a DL.2, it fits in on shows with DL.2s needing an extra media server for other video display devices. It comes complete with a stock digital library of more than 1,000 media clips as well as 200 available folders for custom media clips. Because all stock content is locked down and protected, each Axon will always be consistent from rental house to rental house. The XP Embedded Operating System also protects Axon from drive corruption and O/S degradation over time. As Axon and DL.2 use the same graphics engine, they operate the same way from a DMX console or via Art-Net. This can save lots of time during programming. Axon can connect to another live video display source (such as a camera or DVD player) using an S-Video input.

LED Neural Net

LED Effects/Lumient

The Neural Net is a modular video display system that utilizes LED technology. Each pixel is comprised of an individually addressable, three-color LED illuminator that is sealed within its own wafer-thin, weather-rated housing, and is lightweight. Controlled by a single PC running the company's software, the Neural Net Console will accept most popular video input signals plus DMX and will stream them digitally down a single Ethernet cable to the controller racks — up to 300' away. If necessary, the display itself can be located up to another 150' away from the controller racks. Console operation is easy — just instruct the PC to play an archived video segment or live source. Because each pixel contains its own individual processor, the video source can be analog or digital — and the refresh rate doesn't get bogged down as the wall gets larger. The modular nature of the Neural Net's pixels, controllers, and mesh panels allow optimal flexibility in the configuration of any display. Pitch can be specified from 38mm to 152mm. Wrap the aluminum panels around scenic elements or cut them to shape.

MatrixPlayer Version 3.x


Coolux launches some new products designed to provide more flexibility for its customers. The MediaPlayer software has new optional features such as HD (High Definition), SE (soft edge blending), and a new product feature — the MatrixPlayer (video pixel to DMX), which becomes a full new product line and will be available as a standalone software solution in LT, STD, and PRO versions. Version 3.x has been released and is now available. As a new additional feature, a Dual-VGA Input Card is now available. Recently, Coolux world-premiered the Pandoras Box MediaManager as a standalone controlling and overview software which allows the user to operate and control Pandoras Box MediaServers or MediaPlayers with their laptop or PC. Another introduction was iLLUSION Film, which is a unique see-thru projection film which allows seamless dissolves between 0 to 100% opacity.

Littlebig 3.0 xenon

ZAP Technology

The Littlebig 3.0 xenon was developed in France by ZAP Technology with feedback accumulated through the development of its BigLite 4.5 xenon luminaire. This large-format automated xenon fixture has a compact, modular design which enhances its capability and versatility for indoors uses. It offers light designers realtime CMY color mixing, diffusion with electronic strobe, and many other customizable effects. It has been engineered with energy savings in mind, with improved heat dissipation and lamp life. Fully protected by its fiber composite shell, the Littlebig 3.0 can run its full 630° pan in less than one second. The fixture is technician- friendly, with all standard maintenance accomplished through easy access modules with only three tools. DMX programming is via a menu on both the fixture and the ballast.

Axion Video Controller

Analog Way

The Analog Way Axion video controller, designed for high-end large events with multi-rooms and very large screens using soft edge blending technology. Users will be able to preview multi-screen configurations on the 16:9 TFT monitor screen of the Axion. It can control several iX Hi Res Seamless Switchers, the Di Ventix, the Eventix, the Natix, or the Centrix, either as standalone boxes or any kind of combination, including soft edge blending. Features include a 7" WXGA Color touch panel; USB connection to save configuration and set up; control of up to six screen configuration, single or multiple (soft edge blended); customizable and user configurable presets; and joystick with direct effects access.

Color Ray


The Color Ray LED luminaire provides color changing for building exteriors, statues, landscaping, or any outdoor area. It features three high-power 1W LEDs — red, green and blue — that can produce a bright flood of color whether used outdoors or indoors. The fixture features a rating of IP65, so it can withstand dust and rain for safe outdoor use. Its high-intensity RGB LEDs can be operated individually or in combination to produce a variety of rich hues, which can be changed at any speed and interval. The fixture can be operated with a DMX-512 compatible controller, or it can be used as a standalone unit. For use in standalone mode, it comes with 10 preset programs with speed and fade time selection. It features a 10° standard beam angle for maximum output and draws 5W maximum power consumption at full RGB intensity, providing the equivalent output to a 50W halogen lamp. The LEDs offer the advantage of long-life, 50,000-hour operation. Housed in a sturdy die cast aluminum case with powder coating, the unit can be operated in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C. The fixture is also CE certified. An optional controller that can drive up to 20 Color Ray units, the Ray Power, is sold separately.

AC-152 Soft Padded Bag

Arriba Case

The AC-152 Soft Padded Bag can hold a full-size PAR can system from any manufacturer. It is an all-in-one PAR can/tripod case designed to fit four PAR 56s or PAR 64s, a T-bar, tripod, and chase controller. The case is designed to securely hold a T-bar with PAR cans attached to it. The bag is made of the same durable synthetic material as the other cases in the Arriba line. It features an extra wide mouth design; a secured zipped pocket for storing extra lamps, clamps, and other accessories; wheels and pull handles; and black exterior. It also allows fixtures to be stacked without having to be boxed.

iColor Accent Powercore

Color Kinetics

iColor Accent Powercore is an entertainment-ready evolution of Color Kinetics' iColor Accent fixture, an LED-based alternative to neon. Like its predecessor, it is suited for creating seamless columns of color and color-changing effects but with control resolution down to 1.2" increments. This precise level of control allows the fixtures to run video, graphics, and intricately designed effects in a host of entertainment settings. The fixture incorporates Powercore® technology to directly accept line voltage, eliminating the need for external power supplies and simplifying installation. It is available in 1.5', 4', and 8' lengths that can be connected end-to-end for long, continuous runs. It is equipped with either a clear or diffused lens.

Audio Visual Controller (AVC)

Pharos Architectural Controls/ETC

A compact, solid state device, the Audio Visual Controller (AVC) from Pharos Architectural Controls offers functionality equivalent to two DVD players and a vision mixer, with additional live input, all under integrated show control. AV clips, transitions, and effects are programmed quickly and easily via the Pharos Designer software. An internal realtime and astronomical clock along with a bi-directional RS232/RS485 serial port provide triggering options for standalone operation. The AVC combines seamlessly with the Pharos LPC as the second half of a complete control solution providing lighting, audio, video, and show control for architectural installations. It is particularly well suited for handling interactive video presentations in retail or museum environments. Also new is the Remote Input Output module (RIO). This is a new addition to the Pharos LPC range, providing contact closures, analog inputs, relay outputs and serial RS232/485 anywhere on the Pharos LPC network, for even more flexible show control solutions.

IQ512 with Memory Control

Dove Lighting Systems

New memory control improvements have been made to the IQ512 DMX lighting controller. It now offers unlimited scene and show storage, eliminating bank-and-table restrictions. Show data is stored on standard MMC and SD cards and may be edited offline on any personal computer. Incoming DMX data from external controllers can be captured and stored as memory cues, making the board a perfect backup or stage manager's console.

Icon Series Dimmers

Johnson Systems

The Icon Series of dimming products delivers high performance dimming in a variety of packages including distributed, portable, wall mount, and rack mount. The rugged design incorporates wireless control as a bolt-on option for all products. Icon is a natural extension of Johnson Systems' existing retrofit technology for dimming installations. The dimmers are simple to install, operate, and service. All Icon Series dimming products feature industry-standard 2.4kW dimmers and use readily available non-proprietary parts to maximize product lifespan and permit ease of future serviceability.

Pin Lite LED, Strip Lite LED, & iSpot 250 Zoom


Following in the footsteps of its big brother, The ParLite LED, the Pin Lite LED conserves power while having full color mixing capabilities in a typical size pin spot. Several beam angle options are available, making it well suited for those in the corporate production market. With the philosophy that LEDs can be used in place of standard conventional fixtures to save power and add options, the Strip Lite LED is another new product from Coemar. It was made to replace an MR16 Mini Strip. Four feet long in length, this fixture will produce 3200°K white, along with full RGB color mixing all in an IP66 housing. Also new is the iSpot 250 Zoom, includes zoom, CMY color mixing, and iris and adds a new double/counter rotating effects wheel, while not compromising output, size, or noise. This fixture uses the new Philips MSD300 lamp.


Altman Lighting, Inc.

The Altman Econo-Strip is a UL- and cUL-listed multi-lamp strip light using a wide range of 12V MR16 tungsten halogen lamps. The unit has been re-engineered with a lower profile — 6" high compared to 9" for the Altman Zip Strip — lighter weight; and with a wider apertures for more light output. It performs in all mounting positions and has an option that will allow units to mount tightly with each other for a continuous, even wash. This luminaire comes with front-mounted neon lamp-out indicators and spring loaded lamp holders with push-on sockets that provide secure positioning of the lamps to hold them in place while touring and for longer socket life. It is manufactured from 18-gauge steel and is available in four standard lengths — one circuit/10 lamps; two circuit/20 lamps; three circuit/30 lamps; and four circuit/40 lamps.

Leo Ellipsoidal


The Leo ellipsoidal lighting fixture is the newest addition to Leviton's line of ellipsoidal theatrical lighting spotlights. The Leo has enhanced lighting quality and lighting output efficiency based on its engineered optical lens and reflector system. The ellipsoidal is rated for 115-240V operation and uses high-efficiency, low-wattage (up to 750W) lamps for optimum performance. It rotates a continuous 360° on its axis (both body and barrel,) with no stops, and features a soft focus capability with flat or peak beam adjustment. The fixture maintains Leviton's tradition of allowing field-adjustable lens positions to achieve all possible field angles from each unit. It is available in 15°, 19°, 26°, 36°, and 50° field-angle models.

PixelRange Holographic Beam Shaping Lenses

James Thomas Engineering

Holographic film for beam shaping and diffusion is now available for all James Thomas Engineering PixelRange products: including the PixelPar 90, PixelLine 1044, PixelLine 110, PixelPup 9 and the PixelArc series fixtures. The films are mounted on a 1/8" polycarbonate substrate with a choice of 10°, 20°, 30°, 40°, and 60° × 1° linear angles. The lenses come with lens clips and tool for easy change out of the lenses. The addition of the film produces a whole new range of effects — expanding the application opportunities of all PixelRange LED fixtures. PixelRange is a certified Luxeon luminaire manufacturer.

Ethernet/DMX line

XLNT Advanced Technologies

Used in conjunction with the XLNT NS12P(F) GroundSwitch device, DN2 DMX/Ethernet Nodes create a cost-efficient, reliable solution for all DMX-over-Ethernet data distribution applications. The DN2 DMX/Ethernet Node has a bright, clearly visible LCD display which provides an instant overview of all functions and is housed in a lightweight, durable enclosure. All variables are visible and configurable on the display, allowing patch, level, and overview without requiring an external computer. The integrated M6 thread allows for multiple mounting brackets or hooks as required. The units are designed for use in extreme environments, such as entertainment touring, in combination with standard lighting and A/V equipment.