ORB Console

Zero 88/A.C.T Lighting

ORB is a theatrical console designed to provide control of LEDs, moving lights, and media servers. Building on the platform of the existing Leap Frog and Frog 2 ranges, the 2,048-channel console features two DMX universes via 5-pin XLR or four DMX universes via Ethernet; 200 submasters, 1,000 memories, two playback faders, go button, and a full effects engine. Macros are onboard for auto-palettes, groups, and fixtures. Additional features include 1,000 each of color, beamshape, position, and effect palettes; 1,000 fixture groups; 1,000 user-definable macros, four onboard USB ports; two XGA monitor outputs; and an extensive fixture library. Industry-standard Ethernet protocols and visualizers are supported, as is free PDA software. Adding a suitable wireless access point provides wireless remote control of the console. A free offline editor is also available.


SeaChanger by Ocean Optics

Nemo is an ETC Source Four® ellipsoidal-compatible color engine with an LIFI® plasma source that delivers 15,000 lumens on 180W of power, which translates to 83 lumens per watt. The unit features 15,000 hours of average lamp life, making it suitable for installations like domes, worship ceilings, and atriums where lighting positions make regular maintenance a challenge. It uses all existing ETC Source Four front-end barrels and an assortment of ETC standard and enhanced definition lens tubes. The unit is available as an indoor and outdoor fixture and comes with SeaChanger's Extreme Green (xG) wheel that extends the CMY color range. The xG filter also adds natural overtones and nuances to the standard CMY palette.


Elation Professional

The ELED Strip RGBW is a high-output RGBW bar with 60 1W LEDS (15 each red, green, blue, and white) for wall washing and other long throw applications. The unit measures 40" long and has a beam angle of 40°×80°. A new asymmetrical optic system produces a flat linear beam of light for an even-toned color wash. Operated via a DMX controller, the fixture can create an infinite palette of additive RGB colors. It offers four-zone control of the LEDs, can be run in six DMX modes, and can run without a DMX controller in auto and macro modes. Additional features include 0 to 100% electronic dimming, LCD display, 140W of power consumption, built-in multi-voltage power supply with an AC link, and an integrated floor stand/mounting bracket.

StageLite LED

Coemar/Inner Circle Distribution

The StageLite LED is a digital cyclorama fixture, available in one-cell, two-cell, and outdoor versions and designed for use in theatres, live events, and TV, with a new patented optical system and an advanced RGB plus white color mixing system. Three unbound rotating bars (motorized in the two-cell version) allow symmetric and/or asymmetric light output, with linear adjustment of incidence angle via DMX. The fixture has 96 (48 in the compact, single-cell version StageLite LED SC), high-output 2W LEDs. Features include fanless operation, dimming, strobe effect, swing effect, internal/external gel frame for diffusion filters, and flicker-free operation. The long-life LEDs include a durable mechanical frame and solid, modular clamping. The vertical beam zoom from 11° to 34° can be also focused from +56° to -52°.

VisualTouch For Mac OS X

Visual Productions

A new version of the VisualTouch lighting software runs on Apple's Mac OS X operating system. The software enables users to remotely trigger and operate lighting cues and various other functions of the VisualDMX and Canvix software lighting controllers. Multiple VisualTouch applications, even mixing Windows and Mac OS, can be used together. Both Mac and Windows versions of VisualTouch are downloadable free from the company site.

Lighting Stencils For Visio

WindWorks Design

WindWorks Design has developed a new stencil set based on industry-standard drawings and nomenclature. With the intention of going beyond basic ellipsoidals and Fresnel fixtures, the set includes several sizes of moving lights, blinders, and striplights and features a bonus stencil pack with basic stencils for lighting consoles, audio consoles, distros, stands, and truss. Designed for users who don't require complex CAD capabilities, designers can use these stencils in Visio drawing software.

WaveRunner For Wave 120


WaveRunner is a Windows application that provides a full-screen view of the Wave 120 console operation details. By connecting a PC running WaveRunner to a Wave console using a USB cable, the application shows output channel values, submasters, the cue stack, and other pertinent information. Additional information includes DMX outputs or inputs or previewing cues and submasters. Wave consoles offer a blend of traditional manual preset and memory control with three operating modes to meet a variety of control needs: 30-channel two-scene mode, two pages of 60-channel single-scene mode with hold control, and memory mode with a 275 cue stack. Additional control features include timed split crossfader pair, 120 pile-on submasters, five independents, and 48 effects. The console includes an LCD display, DMX in/out, a USB port for PC-based video output, a USB port for flash drive show storage, and an Ethernet port option. WaveRunner is a free download.

ESP Vision 3.0


ESP Vision 3.0 is a new version of lighting pre-visualization software that includes the ability to run natively on a Mac OS X operating system without the need for Parallels or Bootcamp. It runs on any system running Mac OS X 10.4.1 or greater and any video card that supports OpenGL 1.4 or greater. This includes both Intel chipsets and legacy Motorola chipset Macintosh computers. Additional enhancements in this release include the addition of user preferences, allowing a choice of imperial and metric display settings, cut/copy/paste, undo/redo functionality, improved navigation, true full-screen, and continued improvement over Vision 2.3's performance. In addition, modeling plug-ins for use with VectorWorks Spotlight 2009 on Windows and Mac OS X operating systems are now available.

Colorado 6


The Colorado 6 is an upgraded IP66-rated version of the Colorado 3P wash bank, with 108 1W LEDs arranged in three concentric circles, full RGB mixing, and full 512-channel addressability. The unit features three pods of LEDs, RGB color mixing, built-in automated programs, interlocking casings, loop-through power, and data cable wiring. In addition, the fixture can be set to 3-, 4-, 9-, or 12-channel mode (with ID addressing). Users can select from one of seven preprogrammed color macros for each individual pod, and the unit can be controlled by the Colorado Controller. Output is three times that of its predecessor, and the beam angle is 17°×20°, with a field angle of 30°×24° with 15° lenses installed. An optional 30° lens is also available. The casing of the unit has been redesigned to further dissipate heat, and flicker-free operation makes it video-friendly.


Room Analysis Plus And Room Analysis Pro

Auralex Acoustics

Room Analysis Plus and Room Analysis Pro are two programs now offered by Auralex. Room Analysis Plus is an offsite analysis service through which dealers and integrators can download an audio file featuring a swept sine signal from 20Hz to 20kHz. Users can then record the sweep with an omni-directional measurement microphone in the location of the room in question. All files can be sent via e-mail, along with the Personalized Room Analysis Form, for examination by an acoustical engineering staff. Frequency response, impulse response, waterfall plots, and reverberation time values can be generated. Room Analysis Pro is an onsite analysis of room acoustics and sound quality.

IM8 Consoles


Designed for small and medium-sized venues and touring productions, the new eight-bus IM8 series of analog consoles includes the same build and testing procedures as the company's PM series mixing consoles. The IM series will be available in three models with 24 (IM8-24), 32 (IM8-32), and 40 (IM8-40) channels. Features include low-noise and single-knob compression, and all mono input channels feature both balanced XLR and TRS phone jacks, with individually switchable +48V phantom power, 26dB pad switch, gain control, pan pot, and four-band EQ with sweepable mids. Each mono input channel also includes a polarity switch and 80Hz high-pass filter switch. Four stereo input channels provide L and R phone jack inputs, phone jack stereo pairs, input gain control, balance control, and four-band EQ. All inputs feature eight individual AUX send controls that can be switched in pairs for pre-fader or post-fader operation, and can be set pre- or post-EQ via internal jumpers. The noiseless faders are 100mm long, and a comprehensive master section provides extensive signal routing, while an output matrix affords extra output flexibility, particularly for installations. In addition to offering direct outs on all mono channels, the consoles include a USB port to accommodate direct digital recording and playback with the supplied Cubase AI4 audio workstation software.


Mbox Extreme v3 Media Server


The Mbox Extreme v3 Media Server features increased speed, streamlined user control, new hardware, and enhanced input and output options. The custom dual I/O module, which provides two discrete outputs for each server, is packaged in a rugged roadcase with a UPS, auxiliary input panel, keyboard, and trackball. To prevent the display of an unintended signal, the I/O module's program monitor function stops any video output when the server application is not running in full screen mode. The media server works with up to six layers of content that can be displayed simultaneously. Users can transition content on the same layer, simplifying cueing and playback and making six layers the effective equivalent of 12 layers, according to the manufacturer. With 1080p playback, the system serves HD content resolution and can play back embedded audio tracks from selected movies as well as AIFF files of 16-bit, two-channel stereo with volume control. The software can handle up to four local video inputs, including one input standard via a DeckLink HD Extreme capture card with inputs (SD, component, or composite) up to 1080p, and a second input standard using FireWire/USB DV. All video inputs can be de-interlaced on the fly. Additional features include SMPTE and MIDI timecode inputs for synching movie playback; DVI, RGBHV, and SD/HD-SDI stage outputs; and a DVI preview output on both dual output I/O modules. No additional hardware is required for the SDI output.


Giant Cases

Encore Cases

Giant Cases are custom designed and fit specifically to customer specifications. The line of hardware is suited to particularly heavy items that need to endure unlimited use and abuse on the road, including trusses, cables, large lighting fixtures, or props. Giant Case angles are 3"×3" and double-riveted, whereas a standard case angle is 1"×1" and held in by a single rivet. Corners are 5" from the corner to the edge, and the corner straps are 3" wide, as opposed to the standard 1". Encore created custom tooling for the aluminum that has twice the size, thickness, riveting, and extrusions as previous cases.

Dura-Flex Cat5e Cable

Creative Stage Lighting

Cat5e cable is now available in the Dura-Flex line of entertainment industry cables. The Cat5e brings the same properties as the rest of the cable line to Ethernet, including high strength and RoHS certification. The cable is available in bulk and various set lengths with standard RJ45 connectors and Neutrik EtherCon connectors. Dura-Flex DMX, microphone, and control cable has also been CMG-designated, making it suitable for in-wall installations and general use within buildings in accordance with Section 800.154 (E)(1) of the NEC.



Stage Technologies

F:light was designed to bridge the gap between lighting and automation. It allows moving lights to follow the motion of automated scenery and performers, while remaining fully under the control of the lighting department. The system uses realtime automation data to accurately follow objects as they move, not just with pan and tilt, but also to maintain constant beam size. Changes in speed or path, as well as preset dark regions, are handled dynamically, and the lighting fixtures can be attached to moving objects. The system is connected between the lighting console and the fixtures, produces no noticeable delay, and supports DMX, Art-Net, and ACN.

Winch System Kits

Hall Stage North America

Hall Stage North America offers complete winch system kits for new theatres and renovations of existing venues. The kits include all the necessary components for complete multi-line systems. Built around Thern clew winches, kits come with universal clew plates, guide wires, haul lines, and Hall Stage head and loft blocks manufactured by Thern. Customers have the option of choosing between a manual clew winch or a powered clew winch system. Manual clew winches feature a die-cast aluminum gear case, bronze worm gearing for accurate operation, an adjustable handle, and a hex drive input for operation with a drill. Manual clew winches also have a retrofit power kit option available. Powered clew winches feature a cast aluminum gear case, bronze worm gearing, and a standard 115V, single-phase reversible motor with the option for variable voltages. All clew winches feature a load capacity of 1,100lbs, dual drum configuration, internal mechanical brakes, adjustable guide bars, and welded steel drums and frames. Hall Stage blocks feature steel side plates with lightweight Nylatron sheaves that run on precision ball bearings on machined steel shafts for smooth, quiet operation. These blocks range in size from single groove up to nine grooves.

Austrian Panel

Atomic Design

The new Austrian Panel was developed from a design created for the Disney Games by company founder, Tom McPhillips. In order to reinforce a Lurex fabric for outdoor use, he used a mesh backing, which led to the discovery that the paneling reproduced well on camera. The panels were developed further to fold tightly for transport while maintaining a rigid edge on all four sides. The 4'×4' modular pieces can also be hung from truss or ground-supported, configured in columns as accents or clipped together to form a large shimmering wall. They are available for rent or purchase.