Maxxyz Compact

Martin Professional

Maxxyz Compact offers full Maxxyz functionality in a modular, mid-sized design. Four modules — Cerebrum, Programmer, Motorized Playback, and Master — require simple USB and power connections. The Cerebrum module is a touchscreen computer that runs the software on Windows XP Embedded to control the console. It can control up to 32 DMX Universes (four direct, 28 via Art-Net or Universal USB/DMX). The Cerebrum can also be used standalone. The Programmer and Playback modules aid in creation and running shows, while the Master module has two default faders, Grand Master and Flash Master. The console can control up to 16,384 fixtures and allows up to 1,000 cue lists with motorized fader control and 1,000 cue lists using playback control buttons, with parallel execution of multiple cue lists. Submaster, group master, and override functionality are included, and the graphical user interface is customizable. Four digital fader belts provide fixture parameter control (intensity, gobo, color, effect). Also new are upgraded digital LCD buttons, five LCD function keys, and five banks of customizable function keys. The Playback Module includes an additional row of playback flash buttons (flash, go, pause/back, and select) in addition to the Motorized Playback fader.

Alpha Beam 300

Clay Paky

Alpha Beam 300 is an alternative to a PAR64 ACL in a moving light housing. With updated optics and a 300W lamp, the fixture has a natural beam angle of 8°. The aperture and graphics are adjustable via eight fixed gobos, while a linear frost can change the beam from narrow and hard to softer. Features include CMY color mixing via a color wheel (eight colors plus open); a dimmer on a dedicated channel; stop/strobe; and high speed pan/tilt.

Mega Pixel LED

American DJ

Mega Pixel LED is a chasing effect in a 1m-long color bar with 384 5mm RGB LEDs arranged in 24 color banks of 16 LEDs each. With strobe, chase, and color mixing effects, and 0 to 100% electronic dimming, users can operate the unit via DMX, without a controller in sound active mode, or via the optional UC3 remote controller. In 28-channel mode, LEDs are independently controllable. Multiple units can be linked together in master/slave configuration. The fixture also includes an AC outlet on the rear for daisy chaining. Mega Pixel LED draws 55W of power, operates at 100V to 240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz, and comes with a mounting bracket.

Quattro Mini


Quattro Mini is an LED light engine based on the company's existing Quattro. The source provides up to 160W of power into a 2×2cm array. Proprietary packaging and “smart array technology” yield even color mixing and a homogeneous spot of light, as opposed to a cluster of different colors. Three multi-channel versions include RGB plus amber, RGB plus white, and Hi-CRI Vari-CCT (with a color temperature range of 3,000K to 6,500K). Suitable applications include those using high-power PAR lamp replacement, floodlights, and followspots. Built-in optical feedback at the array level ensures consistent performance for the life of the product.

Showbiz® CSR575/SS/DE/75


The Showbiz line of CSR short arc lamps expands with the CSR575/SS/DE/75, a double-ended metal halide lamp with hot restrike capability. At 92mm long and with a short arc gap of 5mm, the lamp features a color temperature of 7,500K, a 70-plus color-rendering index, and a rated life of 750 hours. Because of exact chemical dosing, the lamp generates stable color temperatures over the life of the product. It can also be used on electronic or AC magnetic ballasts/igniters. Developed through the GE Six Sigma process, this CSR lamp is appropriate for stage and studio applications.

MXR Color Mixing Scroller


The patent-pending MXR Color Mixing Scroller features two-string color mixing, with unique color selection and frame sequencing that maximize the useful colors. This enables multiple designers to share a stage, eliminating color changeovers between shows. A direct drive four-motor system provides quiet and smooth color transitions. Subtractive color mixing achieves the desired hue and saturation, so that hundreds of colors are possible. Primary additive colors (red, green, blue, and indigo) are also situated at the ends of each string. The unit is fan-cooled and additionally protected with an Apollo Gel Shield, and cooling speed is continuously variable from console or preset. Input/output connectors are 4-pin XLR, and operating voltage is 24 VDC. Power consumption is at 1.8 amps.

DLED36 Tri-Brick


DLED36 Tri-Brick is an RGB color-mixing unit with four heads, each containing three tri-color LED lamps, but each LED lamp is not a single color. The individual lens contains a combination of three 1W LEDs, for a total of 36 in the fixture. The result, according to Elation, is more even-toned mixed colors, a wider range of whites, and elimination of multicolor shadows. The unit generates an output of 2,720 lux at 1m and 350 lux at 3m and draws 50W at full power. Features include DMX control, 0 to 100% electronic dimming, and flicker-free operation. The fixture runs in six-, 12-, or 15-channel modes, and each LED can be controlled individually. Eight built-in programs with speed control allow operation without a DMX controller, and multiple units can be linked in a master/slave configuration. Additional features: a 38.5° beam angle with optional 15° lens; strobe effect; built-in power supply with auto range voltage 100 to 240V; linkable power/data; and a mounting bracket with safety I-hook.

Revo 100


Revo 100 LED is a moving yoke fixture using Neo-Neon's 100W White LED solid-state light engine. Operation is via DMX using 11 or 13 channels. Effects include 11 dichroic colors (plus open); six rotating gobos (plus open); rotating three-facet prism; strobe effect; and 0 to 100% linear dimming. The shutter and dimmer can function simultaneously. High-torque stepper motors provide micro-stepping control, while pan and tilt are 570° and 270°, respectively. Additional features include remote focus; remote lamp on/off switch; LED readout for DMX coding, functions, and lamp usage; 180° reverse display panel setting; and LED DMX signal detector.

W-DMX Wi-FiCompanion And Configurator

Wireless Solution

W-DMX Wi-FiCompanion offers a mode that allows interference-free wireless DMX distribution in environments with W-LAN/WiFi and other RF equipment. It segments the spectrum between W-DMX and other wireless systems for coexistence of two or more radio systems in the same space. The W-DMX Configurator consists of a PC application and a USB interface that provides access to the Wi-FiCompanion modes and other features like output power settings. Configurator offers a graphical user interface with basic settings, as well as an advanced mode that enables access to additional functionality. It is bundled with W-DMX Toolbox software that calculates the antenna required for various environments or projects.


WS200 Wireless Speaker Station


The WS200 Wireless Speaker Station is intended specifically for theatre and pro audio applications where a remote speaker station is required. The unit does not have to be hardwired to a master station. Designed for two-way intercom communication, it features a built-in speaker, built-in microphone, visual and audible call signaling, and a headset jack. Intended for use with a DX200 or DX100 base station, it can replace a beltpack or an all-in-one wireless headset communicator. The unit operates on six 1.5V AA batteries, 12 to 14 VDC, or 100 to 240 VAC. Additional features include a selectable intercom or isolated channel option, side-tone and mic gain headset adjustments, and external 8-ohm speaker connector.

UPQ-1P Loudspeaker

Meyer Sound

The self-powered UPQ-1P wide coverage loudspeaker is the latest addition to the UltraSeries. It delivers a peak power output of 136dB SPL, with flexible rigging options, wide vertical coverage, and gradual off-axis roll off to accommodate a range of applications. In a patented trapezoidal enclosure, the loudspeaker features an 80° by 50° constant-Q horn. The high-frequency section uses a 4" diaphragm compression driver, while a 15" neodymium magnet cone driver provides low-frequency content. Integral amplification, complex crossover, driver protection, and frequency and phase correction circuitry are all built-in, for a flat acoustical amplitude and phase response across an operating range of 55Hz to 18kHz. Rigging end plates incorporate threaded M10 attachment points for basic eyebolt rigging. Options include the QuickFly® MYA-UPQ mounting yoke.

VerTec® VT4889ADP

JBL Professional

The VerTec VT4889ADP full-size powered three-way high directivity line array element features DrivePack® technology that was co-developed with Crown International and dbx Professional to seamlessly integrate signal processing with loudspeakers. This three-way, powered line array element is fitted with two 15" low frequency transducers, four 8" midrange components, and three 1.5" neodymium compression drivers with beryllium diaphragms. The unit delivers up to 143dB SPL maximum output at 1m and comes with new V4 DSP preset data, developed using JBL's Loudspeaker Data Manager software. Optional networked DPCN (CobraNet-compatible) input modules from Crown allow VerTec systems to link into Harman Professional's HiQnet system. With these installed, users have remote control and monitoring access to system functionality and digital speaker presets via HiQnet System Architect software.


Vialift Self-Climbing Hoist

I. Weiss

Vialift Self-Climbing Hoist raises and lowers lighting instruments. Each hoist consists of an aluminum main frame with motorized winch, electrical connector strip, or dimmer stick, and a pipe batten for mounting fixtures. Four individual cables mount directly to a structure, while a cable collector that is fitted above the main unit carries power and control for both lighting and lift. Units are available in various lengths up to 24', with a maximum travel distance of 70'.

Automated Hud Truss


Automated Hud Truss, making its debut on the Neil Diamond World Tour, allows for mounting of automated and conventional lights prior to a gig, so the majority of wiring can be prepped in advance. The truss itself is 14" high × 24" wide and comes in 8' and 10' lengths. Users can mount three large moving lights with any clamp onto a single 8' section or four to a 10' section. The truss travels on two sets of adjustable side-wheel dollies. Once the truss is lifted, the wheel dollies are removed and can be reattached with pins to the top of the truss, creating optional safety handrails. The truss can fit four across in a semi truck. A forklift can pick up sticks either by the bottom of the wheel dollies or in between the lighting fixtures for stacking. Once stacked, an interlocking mechanism pins the sections together for secure transport. Custom compound hinges of all types are available. These hinge joints can be used at any angle, up to 180°. Each hinge is only as wide as the truss itself. All the truss sections are connected with spigots instead of bolts, and no custom corner blocks are required, as the male and female spigots can be manually changed to any desirable configuration. Silver and black sections are available.

New Textiles And Fabrics

Gerriets International

Gerriets expands its textiles and fabrics collection with five new fabrics. The first is drapery material Eventmolton R44, which is 118" wide and 0.8 oz/sq-ft. Second, a new coated Soundmolton provides a high level of sound reflection. Also new are Macau string curtain integrated with Lurex threads and Camouflage fabric that is now available in white at 86" wide. Last is a Polyurethane-coated stretch textile, 86" wide. All new textiles and fabrics are flame resistant (according to the German standard B1 DIN 4102) and in process of being tested to NFPA 701.


DigitalSpot 7000 DT


DigitalSpot 7000 DT is Robe's new, patent-pending LCD digital moving light projector. The fixture emits 6,500 ANSI lumens from a 330W lamp and features new parameters for its graphics engine and motorized fixture layout. With CMY image and video color mixing and color temperature correction, features also include a contrast ratio of 2,000:1; four digital gobo layers for image and video control; and layer media control modes, including copy, add, subtract, multi, min, and max. A picture merging effect yields up to 8×8 segments, and projection is possible onto curved or angular surfaces. Other effects include banner effects, digital iris, masking, and digital strobe. The unit also features full keystone correction, camera input capture, and gobo control modes. Inputs include PC or laptop VGA or S-Video input; composite video or S-Video input for a graphics engine; and optional DVI, VGA, or SDI input for professional graphics engine. The fixture supports JPG, TGA, PNG, GIF, PCX, and TIF image formats and MPEG1 and MPEG2 video formats. Additional features include web access, built-in pan and tilt macros, motorized zoom and focus, mechanical iris, and onboard image/video library.

P-10 Visual Presenter


The P-10 Visual Presenter provides presenters and visual artists who use computers for video and still playback with added accessibility, control, and tactility for triggering content. Equipped with 12 visual pads to directly play stills or movies as well as dedicated knobs and dials, it uses SD or SDHC memory cards for solid-state, reliable storage, and it supports motion JPG and still JPG formats. A color LCD display enables viewing with no need for an external monitor. The standalone device is not susceptible to stuttering, virus attacks, or hardware and software compatibility issues. Analog capture inputs provide a way to directly capture and then immediately play back. The slideshow function allows piecing together of still images to create a motion video effect.

ProPixel® LED Stic

Daktronics Inc

ProPixel® LED Stick is designed to wrap a structure of any size or shape with video, animation, color effects, text messages, or live data. It features a flexible mounting system, enabling a variety of applications ranging from channel letters to wrapping an entire building. The stick is available in two models, PXS-62.5 and PXS-125. Freeform ProPixel products include protection against weather elements with an IP-76 rating on both the pixel housing and the power/signal connectors. Patented pixel mapping technology allows control of each individual pixel, making it possible to apply image data precisely to individual elements, regardless of physical location or wiring order.

ES7000 Series IPTV Transport Products


The ES7000 series of IPTV Transport Products provides a 3Gb/s to 3Gb/s IP transport solution in applications requiring delivery of 3Gb/s, 1.5Gb/s, or SD video over IP networks with low delay at highly efficient bit-rates. The unit accepts SDI or HDSDI inputs with embedded audio and data and transmits them over LAN or WAN connections. Embedded error concealment ensures robust delivery of video over uncorrected networks, and audio, video, and data synchronization are maintained. The series supports contribution applications, live events, realtime studio-to-studio exchange, and telepresence, as well as post-production and in-house signal distribution applications.

Doremi Asset Manager Software

Doremi Labs

Doremi Asset Manager software (DoremiAM) transfers video files via Ethernet to the V1 line of HD video servers. Available as a free download, the software aims to simplify the selection and Ethernet transfer of files such as QuickTime, MXF, AVI, and WMV to the V1's internal storage. The operator adds the desired files and image sequences to the clip database, and the software transparently handles synchronization and transfer of content. The application can connect to all V1 servers on a network and automate file transfers to each individual server. It also provides transport controls, such as shuttle, play, and record. The operator can also use the software to create clips and playlists. DoremiAM is available for MAC OSX, Windows XP, and Vista operating systems and will support all V1 uncompressed and JPEG2000 decks, V1-U, V1-UHD, V1-UHD/LE, V1-HD, MCS Servers, and V1-HD/LE.