Maxedia Broadcast

Martin Professional

Maxedia Broadcast is a media composer and playback device optimized for high-definition playback with ultra-fast quad core processors and 1080p playback support. Nearly a terrabyte of drive space in a RAID array are onboard, as well as two powerful graphics cards that provide a dedicated user interface plus two engine outputs. Each output can be split over a maximum of three displays for custom widescreen projections, allowing a maximum of six projectors to be connected to the system. The unit supports a full pixel-mapping engine for CMY and RGB systems, has the same intuitive graphical user interface as other Maxedia systems, and can be networked with them. With a touchscreen-optimized user interface and 16 screen views, the onboard library of video clips, still images, and integrated animations is accessible without the need for a lighting controller. The system allows for overlay of media files in multiple layers, and media can be manipulated in hundreds of ways including color control, keystoning, and framing of playback.

Video 101 Manager Upgrade

Stage Research

Video 101 Manager has been upgraded to allow routing of live video as an input. This new function lets the user mix and blend live and/or canned motion over dance, musical performance, theatre, or even corporate podium/panel presentations. The upgrade also includes time-saving features over the standard version, including the ability to play most video formats (including MPG, AVI, and WMV) and route video to any video output on a computer. This SFX extension, free to all current SFX 6.x users, allows Video Manager to run on the same system as SFX, or anywhere on the network, as well as fade videos in and out or cross-fade. The software also features seek, stop, and play functions.



Pyrotek Special Effects

Fire-Screen is a gas effect that uses a modular programmable pixel-based unit and controls various propane flame effects from high to moderate speeds. The system can shoot a lazy flame bar or fire jets that, when in an all-on cue, can create a wall of fire up to 8' tall. It can also integrate various sizes of fire balls and flame columns. The screens can be custom-built and programmed for various chase sequences and flame effects. It is designed as a rugged-constructed touring model that can be integrated into a stage set in multiple configurations and mounted to trussing in a horizontal or vertical position. Each module is networked via Ethernet, DMX-controllable, fully programmable, and uses propane to generate the flame effects.

UV Laser Paint

Wildfire Inc. Lighting And Visual Effects

Wildfire has launched a new line of UV paints for special effects in theatre, entertainment, and special events. Laser Paint is designed specifically to work with the new BlissLight UV405 Blacklight Starfield Projector. The unit emits a field of lasers at 405nm that reacts to the UV-sensitive paint for a glowing starfield effect of any color in the spectrum, including a true white.


E-Series In Color

d&b audiotechnik

The E-Series E8, E12, and E12-D loudspeakers are now available in various custom colors and in weather-resistant versions. The cabinets are made from polyurethane hard foam with highly efficient coaxial LF/HF drivers. Designed for use as standalone full range loudspeakers, any of these models can be integrated into larger systems. All three models have 90° rotatable horns, with patterns of 90°×50°, 80°×50°, and 110°×50°, respectively, and power ratings of 129dB, 134dB, 133dB SPL.

Audio Performer

Tracer Technologies Inc.

Audio Performer is a simplified audio program designed to assist in creating professional performance audio soundtracks for small theatres, houses of worship, and other live applications. The software allows editing, blending, and timing of the chosen clips of music, including matching keys and tempos, and creating cross-fades between two different phrases. A set list of sound effects can be made for a production and triggered during the performance via mouse or keyboard. Additional features include the ability to fix damaged recordings and to combine different parts of songs with different tempos, pitch, and volume. The software can also create a CD at the end of the process to preserve the exact presentation for use on another system.


REDWash 3•192

Robe Lighting

REDWash 3•192 is the first in a series of new moving head wash lights based on RED (Robe Emitted Diode) technology. The fixture features 192 Luxeon Rebel LEDs and provides a rectangular light field with manual control of beam spreads. Supplied with a 25° “egg crate” lens module, with 15°, 45°, and 15°×45° options also available, the unit's LEDs are tightly arranged for optimized homogeneous color distribution and uniform shadow behavior. The linear optical layout is suited to flooding large areas with color and creating impact for live audiences via varying pan/tilt positions. Rectangular light output is divided up into four sections for producing rainbow, color, and other effects. The unit is RDM-compatible, and menu configurations and DMX address patches can be set up remotely from a computer running Robe RDMNet software and linked via the DreamBox USB interface. Additional features include strobe effects and ArtNet-compatibility.

Infogate For iPhone


Infogate for the Apple iPhone is the latest addition to the InfotraceTM Control and Management System that uses Remote Device Management (RDM) to allow users to control a rig and troubleshoot problems via a pocket-sized wireless device. The system gathers feedback from lighting equipment and uses a wireless signal to transmit the data to an iPhone or iPod touch, on which users can inspect and manipulate equipment and review error messages signaling potential problems. Depending on the setup of the user's network, the wireless signal can stretch hundreds to thousands of feet. The application will be available soon through the Apple App Store.


StrongBase USA

Farlight-Light-Bars come in a set of eight, powered by a 1A power supply LED driver. Each light-bar is integrated with an aluminum heat-sink for head reduction. A system of eight bars can replace six standard 4' fluorescent light tubes and their ballasts, according to the company. Additionally, the manufacturer claims an 80% reduction in power consumption over fluorescent lighting with 50,000 hours of lamp life. Used light-bars can be removed and replaced in minutes. The low-profile design is suited to various lighting applications, including architectural, theatrical, and display, and the units are available in a variety of color temperatures.

Colordash Batten


The Colordash Batten is a three-, four-, 10-, or 12-channel DMX LED bank system with many of the same features included in the Colorado Batten 80i fixture but in a more compact size and at a lower cost. The unit can be power-linked to up to 13 units; used as a cyclorama, border, or striplight; and can accommodate custom applications. Designed to operate with a 30° lens (15° lens also available), users can adjust the color temperature between 3,200K and 8,500K when used as a striplight. For smaller nightclubs and mobile DJ applications, the fixture includes automated programs triggered via DMX or master/slave modes, with custom programs available in both modes. Additional features include an LCD display with password protection and a double-bracket yoke providing multiple mounting and floor-stand options. Twenty-four 1W LEDs provide an output of 1,750lux, with a beam angle of 35°×30° and a field angle of 62°×60°. It also comes with an interlocking bracket for mounting multiple fixtures together.

VL500 CMH And VL1000 CMH


VL500 CMH and VL1000 CMH luminaires are available in black or white and utilize a 350W ceramic metal halide lamp. The VL1000 CMH combines the functionality of an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight with an automated luminaire. Automated functions include CMY color mixing, rotating gobos, variable diffusion, and a zoom lens that ranges from 19° to 36° for normal imaging and a super zoom function that ranges to 70°. The fixture delivers more than 12,000 lumens with the same color temperature as a tungsten source. Additional features include a mechanical dimmer; an automated, four-blade shutter mechanism; and an iris model option for a beam size iris instead of a shutter module. The VL500 CMH model is based upon the VL5 wash luminaire. Its patented Dichro Tune radial color mixing system employs three sets of 16 radially-mounted dichroic blades — magenta, blue, and amber — for a full spectrum of color cross-fades. Pastel versions of the standard colors are also available. The mechanical dimming mechanism consists of 16 radially-mounted metal dimmer blades to regulate fixture output. The fixture has six interchangeable lens options, including clear, stipple (included), 8-row, 10-row, 12-row, and Buxom. Additional features include a convection-cooled lamp and internally cooled electronics that use low velocity, low noise micro-fans, two on-demand internal fans for extreme conditions, and user override via menu display.

Infinity ACL


The Infinity ACL is the first moving ACL fixture with a focusable blacklight, variable beam size, and variable beam control with seven rotating aerial effects. Using a Philips MSR Gold 300/2 FastFit lamp, it can deliver moonflower and split color beam effects while changing color via CMY color mixing. A 6° beam angle, iris, and LCD display are standard. Features include five colors, plus open, CTO filter, UV effect, iris, dimmer, mechanical and electronic strobe, and synchronized, random pulse effect. The unit has a pan of 540° and tilt of 284°, with 16-bit movement. Its color temperature is 8,000K, with a color rendering index of 75.

Design Beam 300E


Design Beam 300E is a 300W DMX-compatible moving head with CMY color mixing that performs as a spot, wash, or long throw effect. A built-in wireless DMX receiver (EWDMX) allows it to be controlled wirelessly by Elation's WDMXT transmitter. The unit has a 300W Philips FastFit lamp for a concentrated light effect of 33,000 lux and a fixed beam angle of 7.5°. Features include a 32-character digital LCD display; eight static, replaceable dichroic colors; six rotating indexing gobos; a rotating indexing prism; variable frost; a dimmer/strobe; and 18 DMX channels. The unit also includes 630° pan/tilt lock, with 540° pan and 265° tilt, and it is ETL-listed.

Showgun 2.5

Barco/High End Systems

The Showgun 2.5 automated luminaire offers 30% more output than its predecessor via a new 2,500W Philips MSR lamp producing 130,000 lumens. High End Systems co-developed the lamp with Philips. The unit is a hybrid spot/wash beam combination that can output hard-edge or soft-edge beams, images, and LithoPatterns, and incorporates a 7,000-lumen LED Tracking System that encircles the lens, allowing the user to either match the color of the main output beam or to project a complementary color.



The OmniColor-B Biaxial Color Scrolling System allows full simultaneous control of hue and saturation with a single scroll of conventional or DichroFilm color filter material. The system allows highly repeatable color mixing as well as precise beam shaping using VFL light-shaping diffuser lenses. Because the beam is shaped after light passes through the dichroic color filter in the DichroFilm version, halation is minimized, and high color purity is maintained. The scrollers are currently available in a 7“ format for ETC Source Four PARs and similar collimating PAR fixtures and as either an AC-powered version incorporating an internal DC supply or as a DC-powered unit using a standard 24VDC external supply. A backup battery allows for addressing and other menu functions without powering up. Designed for indoor or outdoor use (IP-rating and patents pending), additional features include quiet operation and filtered air intake.


Prostar With Double Brake

Columbus McKinnon

The CM Prostar electric chain hoist is built for unique rigging applications encountered at small venues. With a compact design that is lightweight, quiet, and portable, it features an overload device that protects the hoist, operator, and structure from damaging overloads. Simultaneous brake activation delivers two times the brake torque in the hoist when compared to aftermarket brakes. An electromagnetic spring applies the double DC brake distributing nominal brake torque of 40.32 cm/Kg (4 Nm) per brake. The non-adjusting DC electromechanical brake ensures quiet operation and low maintenance. The hoist has a rated capacity of 136kg to 500kg with standard lift of 18m. Operating at speeds ranging from 2.4m/m to 12.19m/m, the device is H-4 duty-rated and designed for heavy-duty application. Additional features include heat-treated precision machined gears; one piece, jam free, chain guide; CM-patented 10-pocket oblique lift wheel; and a chain stop mounted on the load chain. The load chain is zinc-plated to protect against corrosion. The cast aluminum housing is available in a black powder-coated finish. Single-phase and three-phase models are available.

Wired Remote Vortek Automation Center (VAC)


The Wired Remote VAC, designed for the Pro Series, allows technicians to move hoists and set or modify cues from a variety of onstage positions. The walk-around, full-function work station (along with up to 100' of cable) gives the technician the ability to see the hoists clearly during movement. Other features include connectivity in wings, galleries, and hoist decks; operation in conjunction with, or independently of, full-function VAC work stations; and the ability to manually control any Vortek Hoisting System.