Open DMX Ethernet Node


Open DMX Ethernet Node (ODE) is a single universe DMX-to-10/100 Ethernet conversion node that will translate between standard DMX protocol and Art-Net. It also supports the Enttec Show Protocol (ESP) for Ethernet transmission. In either mode, the ODE can function as DMX input or output, may be configured to any of 256 possible universes in the Ethernet realm, and is set up using Enttec's free Node Management Utility. The ODE can be purchased with a power-over-Ethernet option or with the standard plug-in adapter.

White And Black Aluminum Square Truss

Global Truss America

Global Truss America introduces white and black aluminum square truss in a variety of lengths. Manufactured with a high-quality white or black powder coating that has been specially treated for durability, the colored truss will maintain its look for years. The black truss is stocked in a polished finish only (black matte truss is available by special order only for larger projects). The underlying truss itself is TUV-approved and made of high-strength 6082-T6 extruded aluminum alloy. It utilizes a genderless conical coupling system for quick assembly, versatility, and rigidity, especially at key stress points. The truss is stocked in 12" square segments ranging from 4.92' to 9.84' in length. Matching white and black junction blocks are also available. No special orders are required for these products. One end of connecting hardware is included with each segment.

Road Hog Full Boar

High End Systems

Road Hog Full Boar is based on the Road Hog but with additional features, including unlimited DMX output, integrated Art-Net output, MIDI, SMPTE, dual external monitors or touchscreens, and internal DVD-RW. Equipped with Flying Pig Systems Wholehog software, it includes two internal 12" high-brightness color touchscreens, with two external monitors or touchscreens supported; a backlit trackball with four configurable buttons for cursor and position control; 10 playback faders with familiar playback controls; Hog-Net and fixture link EtherCon connectors; internal hard disk and DVD-RW drives; removable USB flash drive; USB ports; realtime clock; desk lights, feedback LEDs, and integrated work light (all dimmable); and auto-ranging mains input (90 to 250VAC). Connectivity is via 2,048 DMX channels via 5-pin XLR, expandable to 4,096 DMX channels via USB (4,096 DMX channels via Art-Net output). Wired and wireless networking is possible with multiple Wholehog systems, as is remote focus when networked with a tablet PC running Hog 3PC software. The console supports USB Playback and Expansion Wings.

Magic Box Wide Beam


Magic Box Wide Beam is a 10mW green laser with 45 preset geometric effects boxed into the unit. Effects include liquid sky, tunnel, and clouds, and the unit is suited for mobile DJs and small- to medium-sized clubs and live performances. Control is via one channel of DMX, standalone (in sound-active mode), or master/slave (in sound-active mode). Power is 532nm/10mW green, with no variance required for operation.

B:xel System


B:xel system enables LED video technology to be incorporated into almost any physical structure, including complicated shapes and curves, decorative or scenic elements, walls, and ceilings. The system uses the idea of building blocks to enable the B:xel to be constructed into extremely large structures, while using ultra-bright LED pixels. The smallest component in the system is the B:xel Stick, which can be cut to a few inches in length and mounted in any shape or curve. The system can be supplied with LED pixels on both sides, creating a full 360° experience, viewable from any horizontal angle. Each side can carry separate video images. The system also offers the B:xel Tube, where B:xel Sticks are supplied inside translucent, flexible polycarbonate tubes, from just a few inches up to 26' in length. Tubes can be hung singly, to form a curtain, or in groups to give a 3D display. They can also be mounted on almost any surface and are transparent to light, sound, and wind. B:xel control software enables playback on multiple layers, and the system is controllable from any DMX, MIDI, or SMPTE source, as well as from standard video input. Two resolutions are available: 2" and 1½" spacing between pixels.


Martin Professional

SmartMAC is a fan-less 150W profile luminaire appropriate for lounges, bars, and restaurants, and silent for noise-sensitive environments. The fan-less thermal management system translates to fewer moving parts, and no dust or pollutants are forced into the fixture. The convection cooling system uses the aluminum casing and specially designed fins to conduct heat away from the fixture head. Optimized optics provide precise image quality, and a field angle of 24.5° yields a greater projection diameter at shorter distances. With a total output of 4,600 lumens, lamp life is rated at 3,000 hours using a standard MSD 150/2 lamp, while a longer life (9,000 hours) CDM 150 lamp is also available. The fixture comes with the profile lens as standard. An optional front-end casing is available with a wash lens for a soft-edged beam. Features include eight interchangeable dichroic colors plus open, fully indexable, with full and split positions; a rotating gobo wheel with six interchangeable gobos (glass and metal) plus open, that can be continuously rotated or indexed; and a flip-easy lid. A variable focus, fast shutter, and strobe effects are also on board. Available in black or white, the unit includes user-configurable voltage and frequency settings. Control is via DMX or in standalone or master/slave mode. It meets the new EU RoHS standard.

Opti 30 RGB


Opti 30 RGB is a high-output RGB color-mixing PAR with 12 1W LEDs (4 red, 4 blue, 4 green) that can be combined via DMX to create virtually any color. The fixture comes with smooth color changing macros and a manual control option. Suited for stage color-changing applications in smaller spaces, it fits into 12" box truss for truss toning. The fixture comes with a standard 25° beam angle lens but can be modified for a wider angle. It includes a gel frame holder for inserting frost or diffusion filters, and an optional 10° lens kit will be available in the future. New LED driver technology gives the unit flicker-free operation. An LCD menu display for DMX addressing and function settings replaces the more complicated dipswitches. A double yoke allows the unit to be set on the floor for uplighting. The fixture can be operated in four modes: DMX, sound-active, macro, and auto. In DMX mode, users can control 0 to 100% dimming and a color strobe effect, and operation is via 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 7 DMX channel modes. Offered in three housing color options — black, silver, or white — the case itself is made of extruded aluminum. The unit includes a built-in power supply and 3-pin DMX connection.

SECOA Theatrical Chain


The SECOA Theatrical Chain (STC) is an alloy chain rated for “Overhead Lifting” for the theatrical industry but has the link size of a 1/4" grade 30 chain, making it compatible with all standard rigging hardware used with a 1/4" chain. The chain has a 3,250lb working load limit based on a 4:1 design factor. Each link is proof tested to twice the working load limit as a part of the manufacturing process. The gold iridescent-finished chain is lot-traceable with every tenth link embossed with a coded date stamp. It is easily identifiable, with every link embossed with “STC.” It meets the requirements of OSHA CFR 1910.184 Slings.

Colorado Panel


The Colorado Panel is a DMX-512 RGBW LED bank system that operates in 3, 4, or 9 channel modes controlling 48 Luxeon K2, 2W LEDs. Designed for indoor and outdoor applications with a UV-resistant cover and IP-66 rating, the unit is available in black or white. The multiple operating modes allow users to choose from RGB, HSV (hue, saturation, and value), RGB+W, and a 9-channel mode. Nine-channel mode offers control over RGBW, ID, dimmer, strobe, macro, auto, custom, and balance values. RGB color mixing can be done without a DMX controller. The unit features color temperature presets (custom values can be programmed) from 3,200°K to 10,000°K and contains both built-in automated programs and the ability to program and recall custom programs via master/slave mode. It produces an output of 2,140 FC (23,026 lux ), with a beam angle of 13°×9° (field angle 25°×22°), and also features a boost mode, Hyper Color, which increases output. An additional power output allows daisy-chaining multiple units together (up to 15) on a single power run.

Wave 120 Console

Lehigh Lighting

Wave consoles offer a blend of traditional manual preset and memory control. Wave 120 is appropriate for use as a main or backup console for theatres, TV, multipurpose rooms, and houses of worship. The console has three operating modes to meet a variety of control needs: manual with 30-channel, two-scene operation; two pages of 60-channel, single scene with hold control; and memory mode with 275-cue stack. Additional control features include timed split cross-fader pair, 120 pile-on submasters, five independents, and 48 effects. The console includes an LCD display, DMX In/Out, USB port for PC-based video output, USB port for flash drive show storage, and Ethernet port option. The console also includes an offline editor. For smaller systems, the Wave 60 has identical control features in a 15/60 configuration.


JR Clancy

LumaLift® is a patent-pending hoist designed specifically for architectural settings with large spaces and high ceilings. Available in various sizes from 6' to 80', cable management options include folding pantographs, cable reels, pre-coiled cable, and self aligning electrical connectors that mate automatically. Installed at ceiling level, lights are installed directly onto the Unistrut® channels or onto connector strips. Strips with integral dimmers are available, as well. Battens and wireways can be painted to match the interior design. Controls are available with up/down pushbuttons or four programmable preset stops. All controls use key-operated switches to restrict access, and all electrical components are UL- or ETL-listed. The controls are in surface or flush-mounted boxes, located to meet the specific needs of each installation. The lifts routinely hold a live load of 300lbs. The shafting incorporates flexible couplings at every drum for long life.

Accu Spot Pro

American DJ

Accu Spot Pro is a DMX moving head fixture with new features typically found in 575W or larger units. The color wheel produces eight dichroic colors plus white. Two separate gobo wheels offer eight static gobos and six rotating gobos plus spot, all of which are interchangeable. Gobo-indexing mode automatically scrolls through all gobos, fast or slow, forward or backward. Other effects include gobo shake, a shutter with pulse effect and variable strobe ranging from one to 12 flashes per second, and a separate prism wheel with a standard three-facet prism and trapezoid prism. The motor-driven auto-focusing feature lets users adjust the focus of the lens from a DMX controller. Remote DMX (RDMX) addressing allows setting of all DMX values remotely from the console. The digital display menu navigation features a four-button system, one each for scrolling forward, scrolling backward, selecting a function, and exiting menus. The unit comes with built-in internal programs, so it can run in sound-active mode or be linked in multiples master/slave. Other features include X/Y automatic repositioning, an 18° beam angle, 630° pan and 265° tilt, stepper motors with micro-stepping, Smart Sense that automatically recognizes if the unit is in DMX or master/slave mode, and an MSD-250/2 250W discharge lamp rated at 1,000 hours.

Net-IT Gateway


Net-IT Gateway is a gateway for DMX-over-Ethernet applications, allowing the functionality of InfoTrace to be available to more control protocols. It provides both feedback to InfoTrace and Ethernet-to-DMX/RDM conversion. It also features an LCD display of user settings and the user-defined protocol. For those who currently use DMX-over-Ethernet, the unit will receive DMX and act as a node retransmitting DMX over standard 5-pin cable. The unit also will receive RDM from any lighting fixture over the DMX cable and translate the RDM to InfoTrace protocol, allowing all the RDM messages and settings to be changed at the RDM controller. It is available for ACN, NET2, NET3, Art-Net, and Pathport protocols. Firmware for other protocols is upgradeable by the user. As Wybron adds new capabilities, users will be able to download firmware and upgrade units via InfoTrace software.

Show-Pro Series Compact Dimmer


Lightronics' Show-Pro line now features a compact dimmer, the Show-Pro SD-4102. Features include: four channels; 600W per channel; 1,650W maximum, total pack; built-in chase modes; DMX operation; 10A fuses; Edison output; and 120V operation. The dimmer is covered by a two-year warranty.

Acclaim CST 250 Fresnel


The Acclaim CST 250 Fresnel with hot restrike capability has been designed specifically for high output, high intensity architectural/specialized display lighting, and for smaller studio or production applications where energy saving and cool light are important. The discharge light source has a 3,200°K color temperature and is interchangeable with the Philips MSR 250 HR discharge lamp (6,000°K), offering a choice of either tungsten or daylight color temperatures. The compact fixture features an integral universal 90V to 260V hot restrike electronic power supply and is available in three colors: white, black, and silver-gray. White and silver-gray barndoors feature the exterior fixture color with the internal surface of each masking flap painted matte black. Additional features include integrated safety cable and the Selecon microswitch that automatically disconnects the fixture from mains power when it is opened.