Mac Tech HPL 12 Mini Dino Light

Bardwell & McAlister

Mac Tech HPL 12 Mini Dino lights are suitable for concert, film, and television applications. Manufactured using aircraft-quality aluminum and weighing 50% less than the lights they were designed to replace, the fixture uses ETC Source Four HPL technology and hand-wired and assembled components, combined with any one of five PAR64 interchangeable lenses. Output using the 575W HPL bulb is better than a 1,000W PAR64, and it requires 45% less power and less heat. The parabolic reflector creates a smooth field of light with any lens option. Lens sets are available in hard or soft cases by request. Mac Tech HPLs are fully licensed under patent by ETC.

Rescue Tape

Harbor Products

Rescue Tape® is a self-fusing silicone tape with no adhesive, suitable for use in emergencies, all-purpose repairs, and electrical wiring. It is rated at 700 PSI strength, insulates 8,000V, and withstands 500°F, down to -85°F. When stretched and wrapped under tension, it fuses quickly and permanently into one piece of silicone, creating an airtight, watertight seal that's resistant to oils, fuels, acids, solvents, salt water, road salt, and UV rays. It never gets gummy or sticky, and it can be used to wrap wiring harnesses, waterproof electrical connections, and protect battery cables and terminals on vehicles and equipment.



DGlink is a modular touring grade digital audio distribution snake (48kHz/24-bit) designed for live applications leveraging the architecture of traditional stage boxes. Supporting up to 64 mic/line level inputs and up to 64 line level outputs (foldback and drive sends), DGlink offers remote control of all stage box functions including control of phantom power, polarity, and gain settings, while maintaining a modular system that supports multiple configurations of inputs/outputs and digital/analog 19" panels.



Daktronics ProPixelE® direct-view LED elements can wrap a structure of any shape or size with precisely positioned effects, animation, or video. Models include PXS-62 (LED pixels spaced on 62.5mm centers) and PXS-125 (LED pixels spaced on 125mm centers) and are available in quarter meter, half meter, and meter lengths. Because they are designed on a video foundation, these elements deliver smooth motion, accurate image reproduction, and rich color depth. The units are weatherproof with complete protection against dust and water penetration, and they deliver brightness approaching 5,000 nits for many installations. Users can employ pixel mapping for color effects, animation, or video, regardless of the physical placement or wiring order. Elements are compatible with other Daktronics video display and controller technologies.

The Sunset Strip/MR16 Striplight

Times Square Lighting

The redesigned Series 700 is a 120V multi-compartment striplight that accepts 12V, 75W max MR16 lamps, and is available in 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-circuit versions. Each version is comprised of 10 lamps wired in series for a maximum rating of 750W per circuit. Its 5½"×5½" low profile makes it an ideal unit for tight spaces where a general wash of light from top, side, or bottom is desired. A wider aperture combined with ejector-style lamp holders and front mounted lamp failure indicators are just some of its features.

Madrix 2.1

Madrix Germany

Madrix 2.1 lighting control software, which supports DMX and Art-Net interfaces, includes an installation CD ROM, a software protection dongle, and an English user guide. Features include: fixture editor; scripting engine to develop effects; optimized graphical user interface and performance; quick cue function for one-click updated play list; master fader and submaster fader; color picker in each effect; static, sound-to-light, and music-to-light effects; unlimited layers, mapping, and mix modes; support of ENTTEC, GLP, e:cue, Soundlight, peperoni, and Luminex; DMX512, and Art-Net interfaces; and support of Windows 2000, XP and Windows Vista. Madrix basic supports 16 DMX universes (8,192 channels); Madrix professional supports 64 DMX universes (32,768 channels).


Yellow Jacket, Inc.

The WASP (Walkway Access for Special Purposes) AMS is the next generation in special access ramps for cable protector systems. It offers expandability for extra wide ramps, with a 4.8° ramp allowing for easy access of wheelchairs, carts, and dollies. It is also rugged enough for forklift traffic and is fully compatible with all ADA guidelines including ramp angle, avenues of approach, slip resistance, and non-conductivity. It displays the ADA wheelchair symbol and is made in high visibility yellow with blue side ramps. The patent-pending tapered side ramps provide barrier-free access, eliminating the need for side rails and providing a wide angle of approach. The ramps snap quickly into place with Hipersnap locking devices that make stable connections. Center sections open for easy top loading of cables, lines, and hoses. Users can connect several units together to form a ramp as wide as needed. Made from high strength, cast-molded polyurethanes using Yellow Jacket's proprietary Castathane process, it is available in heavy duty Durathane or extreme duty Hiperthane and resistant to oil and solvents.

Luminex Lighting Control Equipment


The Luminex product range includes DMX splitters compliant with the new DMX512-A standard that can be used with RDM products. These splitters are protocol-independent, so they can be used with any bi-directional control protocol. Like the Ethernet-DMX range, the Ethernet-DMX 8 unit includes splitting, merging, triggering, conversion, remote control, and soft-patch. The Ethernet-DMX range has also been ported to wireless, and all wireless systems are 802.11 a/b/g-compliant. The Outdoor Access Point creates a wireless link between native Ethernet products and Ethernet lighting consoles. Two models of Ethernet switches are available: the Gigaswitch 8, a Gigabit switch with eight copper ports, also available in a truss-mounted version; and the Safety Ring Switch, a 10/100Mbps switch. With its two optical ports, users can create rings up to 1.24 miles (2km) between each switch and provide a redundant link. All these switches have been approved as Ethersound compliant.

X24 X-Effects


Newly branded as X24 X-Effects, the X-Effects projector has undergone an engineering overhaul to further enhance the durability and lifespan of the unit especially when in heavy-duty environments such as theme parks, architectural installations, and museums. Addressing both moving parts and optical components, engineers have re-tooled guides, idlers, drive assemblies, motors, and even tweaked the lamp and power supply. These modifications have been made in the front motor assembly, so customers with existing units can upgrade to an X24 simply by purchasing the X24 Front Motor Module. This new module installs with four bolts and no wiring.

Roadie X-Stream Compact


Based around the same principles as the Jem Roadie X-Stream, the Roadie Compact is a condensed version for venues that need instant fog or haze coverage of large areas. The new version features a twin block design and dual, high-output 1.5kW heat exchangers that work with a high performance fan to provide long, stage-filling projections. It can also be positioned vertically for geyser effects or towers. Onboard controls allow for independent smoke possibilities with full functionality capable from an optional remote control. Control via DMX is a standard feature. Designed to accept a variety of fluids for different effect options, a 9.5-liter fluid container and remote fluid connection are included, and an indirect fluid sensing system allows for unattended operation.

E-Series Loudspeakers

d&b audiotechnik

The new E12 and E12-D are two-way multipurpose loudspeakers employing a 1.3" exit HF compression driver and constant directivity horn accommodated within a 12" LF driver. The E12 has an 80°×50° dispersion pattern, while the E12-D has a wider, 110°×50° pattern. The horns in both loudspeakers may be rotated through 90° without the use of tools. When powered by d&b D12 amplifiers, the E12 can produce 134dB SPL (linear weighting), while the wider dispersion E12-D can produce 133dB SPL (linear weighting). The E15X-SUB subwoofer employs a long excursion 15" neodymium driver in a bass-reflex enclosure, extending the frequency response down to 40Hz (-5dB) with an output of up to 130dB SPL (linear weighting), in a cabinet with a volume of just over 4.24cu-ft. and with a footprint of 3.12sq-ft. The loudspeakers are specifically designed for use with d&b amplifiers. The D6 dual channel amplifier will also include configurations for the E12, E12-D, and E15X-SUB.

32 AMP PowerCon®


The 32 Amp PowerCon® is a locking, three-conductor AC connector system with contacts for line, neutral, and pre-mating ground contact. Designed for demanding current handling and power transfer, it replaces appliance connectors wherever a very rugged solution, in combination with a locking device, is required in order to guarantee a safe power connection. The system consists of two connectors: a chassis receptacle and an in-line cable connector with locking mechanism. The connectors fulfill all current UL safety standards and are UL-recognized. PowerCon is a connector without breaking capacity and should not be connected or disconnected under load or live situations.

LightConverse Photo-Realistic 3D Visualizer Software

LightConverse Ltd.

LightConverse is a PC-based lighting control and realtime 3D visualizer. Built on an advanced 3D games engine, it offers 3D visualization of up to 16 DMX universes over Art-Net or ACN (an optional DMX hardware interface is also available). The show is simulated live, with photo-realistic quality. Features include three live video inputs, LED simulation, animated objects (lasers, pyrotechnics, etc.), animated smoke, and customizable 3D libraries. Realistic-looking moving lights and conventional fixtures allow for accurate simulation of gobos, prisms, split colors, parameter timing channels, and black-out-while-move functions. New fixture requests are completed in a matter of days (a fixture constructor is also included, allowing the user to add new fixtures to the library). Software updates are free of charge and available for download on a continuous basis.

Optimizer HD

Analog Way

The Optimizer HD (models OHD888 and OHD888-AG) is a universal up/down scaler with an enhanced scaling technology based on Band-let Transform by Let It Wave. It improves standard TV images into cinema-like or widescreen displays, and realtime TV-to-HDTV conversion. Fitted with universal analog or digital input, it converts any HDTV, TV, or computer signal into digital HDTV, TV, or hi-res computer format. It simultaneously provides DVI-D and SD/HD-SDI with embedded audio outputs. The AG version is equipped with an Analog Genlock input with an active loop through. Both versions feature analog balanced or unbalanced audio stereo input for embedding audio into the SD/HD-SDI signal with AV delay compensation. Its large front panel shows many direct access image adjustments with a fluorescent display and control knob. It offers an adjustable zoom from 25% to 400%. A standard RS232 connection and software allow full remote control of the device and an upgrade capability to maintain the equipment.



Luxera is a new line of theatrical lighting fixtures built on Wybron's award-winning Nexera optics and developed based on demand from the houses of worship market. Three Luxera fixtures include a wash light, 19° to 26° profile, and 25° to 40° profile in 575W or 750W tungsten models. The DPS 850 may be added to the models to accept DMX and RDM signals, allowing for remote addressing, device discovery, and all the benefits of RDM. Each model offers dimming and power for accessories all in one fixture and is easy to maintain and troubleshoot.



ProCue is a theatrical cue light system with constant monitoring and interaction between master station and outstations. The programmable master station is available in 4-, 8-, and 12-way desktop models, plus 12-way rackmount. All master stations have bright standby and go push-button LED indicators with flashing and steady modes for two-way signaling. The outstation provides two-way communication via illuminated pushbuttons with 180° viewing angle. Performers or technicians can silently acknowledge they are in position and ready. All interconnections use standard 3-pin XLR cable.

Series 400 7-Port, 10-Port Ethernet Switches


Available in 7-port and 10-port versions, these new Ethernet switches, from the Series 400 Power and Data Distribution System, are designed for entertainment applications. They go beyond traditional Ethernet hubs and offer easy-to-use operation that does not use complex configuration software. The 7-port switch includes seven isolated copper Ethernet ports for input of 10Base-T or 100Base-TX standard signals. It also includes Neutrik EtherCon metal-latching connectors. The 10-port version adds three fiber-optic Ethernet ports for transmission of 100Base-FX standard signal. Two ports accept a Virtuoso fiber-optic cable input connector, and one port accepts a Virtuoso fiber-optic cable output connector. These connectors are ruggedized LEMO fiber-optic connectors. Both switches feature automatic detection and configuration of input signal speed; imperceptible operation within the control system; status LEDs for all ports; and Neutrik PowerCon connector for input AC supply. The switch fits in a standard 1U 19" rackmount space with an approximate depth of 11" behind the panel. The unit is convection-cooled with an operating temperature of -4°F to 122°F and 90 to 264V AC, 47 to 63Hz operation.

Stage Color LED


Elation has introduced an LED version of the Stage Color PAR. Stage Color LED has a dual-yoke design, is outfitted with 24 1W LEDs (eight each red, green, and blue), and features DMX-capability with RGB color mixing. Intended primarily for stage use, features include lamps rated at 50,000 hours, drawing 45W at maximum power; seven DMX channels; full dimming from 0 to 100%; strobing in any color at a variable rate of zero to 18 flashes per second; standalone, master/slave, and sound-active operational modes; and a 10° beam angle. An optional diffusion filter is also available for a wider beam angle. Equivalent in size to a PAR64 fixture, the unit is available in a high-polish housing and can be rigged using the provided hanging yoke or mounted directly on the floor.


Artistic Licence

DALI-Scope is a handheld tool for testing, programming, and configuring DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) devices. It can be used to set fixture addresses including group assignments; auto-patch fixture addresses; test fixtures, transmit single levels, group levels, and scene selects; perform walk tests; automatically cycle though channels, groups, and scenes; read current levels for channels, groups, and scenes; read latest levels for channels, groups, and scenes; program scenes; read back configuration information and status information such as lamp hours, lamp voltage, mains voltage, and curve selection; and test the bus power supply. The product display uses high brightness LEDs, and the moisture-proof keypad uses single function keys. Powered by two AA batteries, it offers over 12 hours continuous operation.

PowerPlus 1200

J&J Electronics, Inc.

The PowerPlus 1200 is the first of the new series of LED fixtures using ColorGlo driver technology. Developed primarily for color wash applications, the unit is a RGBW LED fixture with a 1,350-lumen output using 14° or 28° spot lenses and secondary lenses for spread and diffusion. It is designed to install and operate like a conventional fixture with direct connect line voltage and DMX using no external power supplies or interfaces. With flicker-free output, it is suitable for film and video, due to a patent pending closed loop direct current drive methodology that does not use a pulsed current.

Vista 5 SR


The Vista 5 SR desk is a touring version of the Vista 5 console. The Vistonics user interface is the Studer-patented technology that uses an array of encoders mounted directly into TFT screens to give immediate viewing and access of channel and output parameters. The console comes with preset configurations for FOH and monitor use. A standalone configuration editor tool allows the channel/bus structure to be customized, all of which can be saved for each particular show setup and instantly recalled from memory or a USB stick. Its expandable I/O system allows the range of available Studer D21m series I/O cards (including CobraNet and Aviom A-Net) to be added to the system. The MADI standard is used as an optical snake link from stagebox to FOH rack, with the possibility to add a redundant snake for increased security. The design includes high quality mic preamps, ultra-precise AD/DA converters, 40-bit floating-point summing busses, and FIR type EQs. The console also comes with numerous facilities to aid production, including Studer's proprietary VSP panning system, which can be used to control panning without level shifts.

Art-Net Dongle For Canvix And VisualDMX

Visual Productions

As an alternative to DMX output, Canvix-dedicated matrix controller and VisualDMX lighting controller are now Art-Net-compatible. The Art-Net dongle unlocks the Art-Net output in these software control programs and is available in various sizes (two, four, and eight universes, etc.) also allowing for future upgrades. With a large number of universes, the Art-Net communication uses noticeably less computer resources than USB communication. The dongle will enable visualization of VisualDMX and Canvix lighting designs in third-party applications such as Martin ShowDesigner, Cast Wysiwyg (using Wygalizer), ESP Vision, and Capture.

SoftSymbols Version 3

Field Template

SoftSymbols Version 3 is an overhaul and expansion to the VectorWorks®-based symbol library. With 800 more symbols, it ships with DataConvert Macros, allowing the entire software package to be converted from imperial scale to metric scale and back again. Designer Steve Shelley has added the entire Rosco, Gam, Diversitronics, Reich & Vogel, CCT, and Robe product lines and updated the latest from Coemar, Martin, Selador, Selecon, and City Theatrical libraries. He's added archive product lines from Strand and Berkey Colortran. The 2D Drafting Elements, Shelley's Section Collection, and Shelley's Scales have also been expanded, and all 41 libraries have been reviewed and updated using the new SoftGauntlet® Data-Filtering System. SoftSymbols Version 3 ships with fresh SoftMaps©, allowing the complete package to be printed onto six D-sized reference drawings. All of the data contained in the symbols is exported into a 92-page SoftData© PDF reference document. Version 3 ships with the new 35-page SoftResource© PDF resource guide document showing comparative data for every SoftSymbol, sorted by manufacturer. It also includes updated SoftMaps and the classic SoftGuide©.

4×4 Component Audio Matrix Switcher


The 4×4 Component Audio Matrix is a rack-mountable matrix that enables a plug-and-play connection between four component video sources and four component video displays. It supports all set-top boxes, digital video recorders, disc players, and video devices equipped with component video connectors. Because the component format does not transmit audio, Gefen has equipped this switcher with RCA left/right connectors so audio is delivered with video. It delivers high definition resolution up to 1080p. System setup requires a connection of four component video and audio cables to the inputs and four component displays to the outputs. Users assign each source to a display using the IR remote that comes with the system, the front-panel buttons, or the RS232 connection with smart control. To distribute component video and audio up to 1,000', a Component Audio Extender is available.