LD Assistant 08

Design & Drafting

LD Assistant 08 offers a suite of tools for conceptualizing, drawing, rendering, and presenting a 3D lighting environment. It has a completely new consolidated content library. All blocks include both 2D and 3D versions of an object. Transition of drawings from imperial to metric scale is improved with the same blocks used in all instances. Standardized IES photometric data is supported throughout the application. There is a completely new rendering engine for realtime visualization. Sixty-four universes of DMX inputs and outputs are available and DMX inputs can be used to manipulate XYZ motion and camera control in the lighting environment. Live rendering effects include atmospheric and lens effects as well as photorealistic projection of stock or custom gobos. Freeform camera path previews and simplified animation tools allow designers to create full motion fly- and walk-throughs. A new Video Projector Tool is used for the task of adding video elements to a rendering. A completely redeveloped user interface makes features easier to find, while a new Interface Editor allows the user to add or remove icons to streamline their personal workflow. New drawing features include tools for aligning and nudging objects as well as lighting specific tasks such as shutter cuts and cable runs.


Elation Professional

The Impression, a high-output DMX-compatible LED moving head luminaire, is powered by 90 K2 Luxeon LEDs. The unit weighs 16lbs and is small enough to mount on 14" centers. Due to its stepper motors and compact mass, it is capable of reaching 660° pan in two seconds and 300° tilt in one second. The Impression is available in two versions: RGB color and all-white. The RGB version contains 30 red, 30 green, and 30 blue LEDs for additive color mixing and variable color correction from 7,200°K to 3,200°K. The all-white version contains 60 cold white LEDs and 30 amber LEDs for continuous color temperature adjustment. Both versions of the Impression utilize a highly efficient collimator cluster optical system and are equipped with an interchangeable lens carrier with a 10° beam angle. An optional 25° beam angle lens is available separately. Flexible installation options allow the Impression to be operated in any position — hung from the ceiling, mounted on the wall, or standing on the floor — for a variety of applications. Other features include: a variable speed strobe effect, 0-100% dimming, 10- or 14-channel DMX operation, backlit graphic LCD control panel, and low-noise temperature control ventilation system.

Light Rack

Strand Lighting

Light Rack, Strand's new touring dimming system, is tiny, practically silent, and extremely lightweight. Power modules are available to operate 120V and 208V moving lights or provide standard dimming using Strand's IGBT dimming technology for silent loads. All modules are interchangeable for easy mix and match to meet the needs of any show: 12×20amp IGBT; non-dim 12×20amp 120V or 208V; and constant 12×20amp 120V or 208V. Light Rack comes in two sizes — four modules and eight modules high — for up to 96 dimmers. Light Rack has easy connectivity with DMX plus Shownet Ethernet and full dimmer reporting as standard equipment. Because the system is so small, users will also gain truck space and wing space.

VL6C Plus Spot Luminaire

PRG Lighting

Production Resource Group (PRG) recently completed an upgrade of their entire 1,200 plus rental inventory of VL6C units to improve reliability, and they even have a new name, the VL6C Plus. The upgrades to the ventilation and airflow system provide greater reliability for all the circuit boards and motors, while upgraded wiring and connectors further enhance the dependability and consistency of all motors and pan/tilt mechanisms. Improvements to the ignitor technology have significantly reduced hot restrike time from eight minutes to just one minute. Also, a new lamp douse switch allows lamp power to be quickly disconnected at the luminaire itself. The VL6C Plus still contains a 700W short arc lamp and a cold mirror reflector to provide an extremely bright and flat field. Two fixed wheels are included, one for gobos and the second for color filters. There is also automated zoom optics and edge control, along with a rotating gobo wheel and beam size iris functions for a wide variety of effects. A standard palette of gobos and colors is provided with the luminaire and custom gobos can also be installed. The VL6C Plus luminaire is small, lightweight, and virtually silent.

Four New CueServer Models

Interactive Technologies

CueServer is a standalone lighting control console, architectural show playback processor, and system integration platform combined into a single package that features a sophisticated built-in web server for easy setup and operation. Customers can use as little or as many of CueServer's features as they choose — from the simplest of playback setups to complex control solutions. New models joining the existing rack-mounted CueServer Pro include the new CueServer Mini, CueServer DIN, CueServer Mini DIN, and CueServer OEM. All of the new CueServers are very small, averaging approximately 4"×3"×1", which makes them well suited for portable applications or installations that are tight on space. The CueServer Mini features a robust aluminum package that is portable and can either be wall- or surface-mounted. The DIN versions of CueServer come in DIN-rail compatible packages that are well suited for custom installations. The OEM version is a small PCB for customers to integrate into their own projects. All models feature the same core DMX engine, architectural features, and I/O capabilities as the CueServer Pro, with the exception that the Mini models do not include the customizable LCD display, front-panel buttons, or MIDI features. CueServer Mini, CueServer DIN, CueServer Mini DIN, and CueServer OEM are available for immediate shipment.

Software Lighting Packages


Nicolaudie offers new software lighting packages, including Easy Stand Alone-IP (Multi-Universe). This new software and firmware, which is available as a free upgrade for registered users, allows customers with large LED installations to synchronize up to 20 IP-DMX interfaces within the same local network. Also, if a user needs to increase the memory capacity of the interfaces for the display, he can simply increase the number of IP-DMX interfaces to share the memory load. Lumidesk has new software for lighting control, designed for those with lighting control needs but little or no lighting experience. DmxSoft DXPack 01, is a $99 USB-DMX lighting controller, which gives users unlimited access to a variety of freeware DMX software, including: Sunlite 2002; Easy Stand Alone (no memory); and Freestyler.

D6 Dual Channel Amplifier

d&b audiotechnik

Based on the technology of the D12, the D6 fills the need for a light, efficient amplifier designed to deliver medium power into impedance loads between 4 and 16 ohms. The dual channel Class D amplifier section offers increased efficiency compared to conventional designs, and the 19" 2 RU amplifier weighs 13.6lb (8kg). With the exception of the B2-SUB and two-way active loudspeakers, the new D6 offers — via digital signal processing — built-in configurations for the whole d&b loudspeaker range. A linear mode allows the D6 to be used with any conventional loudspeaker. All settings, including delay (from 0.3 to 340 ms in 0.1 ms increments) and equalization (4-band optional parametric or notch), can be accessed and controlled via the front panel mounted rotary encoder and LCD or through the d&b Remote network. Each channel offers 600W into 4 ohms (350W into 8 ohms), and the D6 can also use System Check to ensure operation is within a predefined condition or input and load monitoring for applications compliant with IEC 60849. Power Factor Correction ensures the D6 automatically adapts to supply voltages (100V, 115V, 200V, 230V, 50 to 60Hz). The D6 is equipped with analog and AES/EBU inputs and links with digital elements constructed to achieve audio performance that meets or exceeds that of analog devices. In 4-ohm mode the amplifier allows multiple loudspeakers to be driven at a higher SPL than the E-PAC, which will, in time, be replaced by this new addition to the d&b range.

BlissLight L20


The BlissLight L20 was specifically designed to be used outdoors. Like its indoor-use counterpart, the BlissLight 50, the LS20 is a simple to operate projector that creates an explosion of moving pinpoints of light. The LS20 was developed specifically with a weatherproof enclosure for permanent outdoor installations. It incorporates laser and optical elements to create an effect much like a universe of stars, and when directed toward trees and bushes, the outdoor landscapes come alive. BlissLights utilizes a state-of-the-art diode-pumped, solid-state (DPSS) laser combined with custom developed multiphase diffractive holographic optics, super luminous diodes, and precision motors to produce patent-pending projection technology. The unit features patented holographic technology, two built-in precision glass lenses, and comes with a standard 12-month warranty on manufacturer's defects that cover both parts and labor.

LED Luminaires And Control

Pulsar Light of Cambridge Limited

A range of new products has been introduced by Pulsar, including the ChromaPoint, a compact decorative LED point light source with a 120° viewing angle. It features full RGB color control of its three Tricolor emitters. It is fabricated from 316 marine-grade brushed stainless steel with a 4mm (0.16") toughened front glass allowing the unit to be walked or driven over. Also, many ChromaRange products are now available with Variable White (VW) LED configuration. Using a combination of cool white LEDs for primary light generation and a carefully selected combination of green, amber, and red LEDs provide the ability to warm the light output in a controllable fashion. Products currently available as VW versions include ChromaFlood, ChromaBatten, and Strip. Pulsar also offers ShowCAD Artist as a solution for large-scale ChromaRange LED projects. ShowCAD Artist can handle massive LED arrays with up to 32,768 DMX output channels (64 universes) to control a potential 10,000+ RGB fixtures with full two dimensional matrixing across all DMX universes and realtime video to DMX live video input.

PLM 10000Q with Dolby® Lake® Processing


The PLM 10000Q — the first product of Lab.gruppen's new Powered Loudspeaker Management (PLM) Series — comprises a four-channel amplifier, dual Dolby Lake Processor modules, Dante low-latency networking, and features for load verification and performance monitoring. This unit seamlessly integrates the amplifier technologies of Lab.gruppen's FP+ Series with the power and flexibility of the Dolby Lake Processor. In addition, it incorporates Dante self-configuring, low-latency audio networking as standard, along with capabilities for verifying and monitoring loudspeaker loads through proprietary LoadLibrary, LoadSmart, and SpeakerSafe technologies. All operational and monitoring functions are accessible via a custom version of the Dolby Lake Controller software, which also offers integrated SmaartLive realtime system measurement and analysis as a plug-in option. Each of four output channels (driven independently) provides 2,700W @ 2.7 ohms (2,300W @ 4 ohms), with more power available when driven asymmetrically. Other features in common with the FP+ Series include patented Class TD output stages, regulated switch-mode power supply, the high-efficiency Intercooler® copper-finned cooling system, and a full suite of protection features. Signal inputs are analog and AES digital as well as via the Dante network; dual connectors for each provide loop-thru outputs for network redundancy. The PLM 10000Q is housed in a 2U chassis and weighs 29lbs (13kg).

Engineer Digital Management Processor

Martin Audio

Engineer digital management processor is a DSP device designed to provide comprehensive control and management of installed loudspeaker systems while using unique algorithms to keep sound systems automatically performing at optimum levels. In addition to its functionality as a conventional loudspeaker management system, Engineer provides automatic built-in control of program level and tonal quality to compensate for variations in program sources. A 20-second segment is stored from a well-produced track, with good tonal characteristics, at the press of the Autocatch button. The sample provides the engineer with a reference of content level and an average of high and low frequencies. All subsequent material will be compared to the sample and adjusted to ensure that the tone and level match closely. At the same time, incorporation of the BassCreator algorithm enables it to eliminate sub-frequency noise pollution by isolating the disturbing bass frequencies. This algorithm uses a psycho-acoustical effect to give the impression of deep sub-bass without actually creating any of the lower frequencies associated with noise pollution. Engineer's features include 4-input, 8-output freely-routable signal path; 8-band fully-parametric EQ on every input/output; high-pass and low-pass crossover filters on every output, with slopes up to 24dB/octave; choice of Linkwitz-Riley, Butterworth, or Bessel filters; speaker protection limiters on every output; flexible event scheduler; RS232 interface for PC programming and control as well as RS485 interface for external remote control.

The Revolution Winch System

Unusual Rigging

The Revolution Winch from Unusual Rigging is the industry's first self-contained, off-the-shelf, portable winch system. Consisting of a heavy-duty variable-speed winch, housed in medium-duty 20.5" box truss, the high-speed 660lb-rated Revolution gives nearly 100' of travel at up to 10' per second. The Revolution is TUV Certified for flying loads of up to 660lbs over personnel and audiences, and, with a 330lb safe working load for the flying of performers. Using single 1/4"-diameter wire, this extremely fast winch has a travel of 98.4". Use in a double-wire configuration delivers 46" of travel; one direction, or push-pull. A comprehensive set of accessories and diverters enables the winches and wire-runs to be easily included within truss runs, corner blocks, mother grids, and floor-mounted truss legs. The system interfaces with standard medium-duty trussing systems. Speed of installation and ease of use is extremely beneficial for fast setup and turnaround times. The Revolution winch weighs 441lbs. It is suitable for permanent or portable applications. In portable applications, it travels in a conventional road case. Winner of the 2007 ABTT New Product Award and the 2007 PLASA Innovation Award, the Revolution is distributed in the Americas by TMB.


XD-220 Sine Wave Dimmer Pack

Lite-Puter has developed the XD-220 DMX two-channel 20A Sine Wave Dimmer Pack, a sine wave dimmer designed to combat phase control problems. When the control component turns on, a large current goes through the lamp. This surge current is the cause of the filament jamming. Although the average power drop can still achieve the dimming effects, the surge voltage and current can cause filament vibration noise and reduce the lamp's life. The high frequency noise can also interfere with surrounding electronics equipment. Lite-Puter's new XD-220 uses a standard DMX signal to output quiet 0-100% sine wave AC voltage. It produces no filament noise and prevents damage to lamps by surge currents. It uses 100-240V AC input 50/60Hz. It operates with two channels, using 20A per channel. It also features temperature control fans.

Dry Fogger Mammoth II Liquid Nitrogen

Interesting Products

The new Dry Fogger Mammoth II Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) fog machine gets smaller while its performance gets bigger. Shrinking over 6"; in height, Mammoth II now adds monitoring and management capabilities. The Mammoth II can take DMX or ACN control and report over a dozen status conditions via RDM including water temperature, air pressure, and distribution gate status. Options include self-generated pneumatic supply, external fault-sensing gate manifolds, dual rate fog output, and selectable mains input from 120/208 through 277/480VAC and 50/60Hz.

LED Luminaires


Buoyed by the response to its growing line of LED-fitted lights, Chauvet has taken a decidedly green turn. Foremost is the MiN Spot, an LED-fitted spot yoke, which features one 14W RGB LED and nine gobos. MiN Spot weighs 5lbs and can fit in the palm of just one hand. Fully linkable through DMX and master/slave modes, the MiN Spot co-anchors this smaller-is-better revolution with the Min Wash. Chauvet will also unveil the Colorado Batten 80i, the Colorado 6, the Colorado Panel wedge wash light, and the Q-Wash LED 36, which has the output of a Colorado 1 in a yoke configuration. Those in the market for something even more powerful will appreciate the release of the Legend Wash, which, along with the Colorado series lights, exhibits Chauvet's Super Color technology. The Vue VI combines the mid-air effects of recently launched Élan with the projection capacity of the Vue series, and adds movement, multiple pods, six lenses, and a beam angle of 110° to the original units, for a centerpiece effect. Chauvet will also debut LX5, LX10, and J-Five moonflower effects, creating brighter and tighter beams than otherwise achieved through the use of halogen lamps.

SharXS® HTI® 1500W/D7/60 Lamp


The brightest and most powerful product recently added to the SharXS HTI family of lamps, this 1,500W lamp with 155,000 lumens is ideal for rock concerts and large events. For noise-sensitive applications such as theatre productions, musical, and sound recordings, the lamp can be dimmed to 1,200W with appropriate control gear, reducing it to a mere whisper. This lamp has eXtreme Seal technology, color temperature of 6,000°K, high CRI over 90, and an average rated life of 750 hours. Thanks to the overall length being the same 136mm (5.35") as the other SharXS HTI lamps, it will fit in the Osram SharXS SFc10-4/136 prefocus lamp holder.

SL Series SL 265


The SL 265 is the latest addition to the SL line-up. It is a compact unit, featuring a 32'×32' modular stage surface and a roof clearance of 20'. Lighting and sound can be rigged at deck level and the roof can be raised with 8,000lbs of equipment using Stageline's unique double-mast technology. Load bearing capacity of the roof is rated at 12,000lbs and 4,000lbs for the sound wings. Engineered for performance, this unit will meet production professionals' expectations, facing time, space, and logistic constraints.



SableLux is a black light blue fluorescent lamp designed for maximum long-wave UV output, with a spectral peak at 368nm. It is a T8 measuring 1" in diameter, yielding more UV output because the phosphor coating is closer to the plasma arc at the center of the tube. The lamp uses a special phosphor-coated glass that increases UV output, and it can handle being over-driven by VHO electronic ballasts, such those in Wildfire's Effects Master fixtures. The Effects Master more than doubles a 32W T8 to 70W. The lamp is rated for 8,000 hours.


I. Weiss

The ViaLift raises and lowers lighting instruments simply at the touch of a button, thereby eliminating the need for lifts, ladders, catwalks, and expensive crew time for simple lighting maintenance work. Each unit consists of an aluminum main frame containing a cable collector and motorized winch, with electrical connector strip or dimmer stick as specified, and a pipe for mounting fixtures. The ViaLift can be customized to specific needs. It has four individual 7×19 galvanized aircraft cables that mount directly to the building structure. Appropriate mounting hardware is included. The cable collector carries power and control for both lighting and lift and can be connected by an electrical contractor. For smaller installations of one to four units, there is a key-operated receptacle panel with a handheld pendent, which operates one unit at a time. For larger installations a touchscreen computer system is available which allows the user to group units together and operate them at the same time. Multiple positions for each lift can be preset. ViaLift is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the US and meets all NFPA Electrical Standards for Industrial Machinery. Submittal drawings and specifications are available upon request. A one-year, limited factory warranty is included and yearly inspections by a factory-authorized technician are available. I. Weiss is an authorized distributor for the ViaLift.

Aurus Digital Mixer Upgrade


StageTec offers new software and a revised control surface for its Aurus digital consoles. An offline editor allows setting up pre-session console configurations using a PC without physical access to the mixer. The Nexus Audio network can also be similarly set up offline directly from the Aurus master section. On the hardware side, graphics-enabled OLED displays showing channel and layer configurations on the channel strip will replace the matrix displays previously used.