Inner Circle Distribution (ICD) is proud to announce the brand new Soft-LED 2.5® Curtain from Mainlight Industries now available for purchase and rentals.

Based on customer feedback, an increased resolution of 2.5" x 2.5" is now offered, which means the new Soft-LED 2.5 has all the features as the original Soft-LED but with nearly twice the resolution.

All materials are identical to the standard high-resolution panels including seamless imagery when using multiple panels and easy, quick installation. The standard size for Soft-LED 2.5 is 7' x 31' (exact size is 6' 9" x 31' 4") and it may hang in any direction. Other new features include improved color temperature concerns and tighter tolerance panels.

The face material is 22 oz. Encore Synthetic IFR. Liner Material is 8.5 oz. Celtic Polyester IFR. The drapery weighs 198 lbs. with connectors. Connection(s) are four male Ramtech Ramlatch connectors to receive power and data, and the node type is a tri-color surface mount LED.