Look Solutions will debut its newest Tiny-Fogger at LDI 2007 next weekend in Orlando. Made in Germany and known as the Tiny F07, it is the modified successor of the battery-operated, programmable Tiny-Fogger. The Tiny Fogger can be seen in Look Solutions’ LDI booth #1074.

The design of the Tiny F07 and some of its components differ from the Tiny-Fogger. The new product features a higher-quality pump and more rugged vaporizer. The PCB is now sealed in an enclosure so fog can’t back up into the machine potentially causing a malfunction. The Tiny F07 has a momentary fog switch on the top of the fogger and an efficient sleep mode. It operates with a smaller, lighter Lithium battery half the size of the former lead-acid battery. In addition, the Tiny F07 comes in blue metalwork instead of silver.

At the heart of the Tiny F07 is a programmable microprocessor, which controls fog emission. Continuous fog output with the battery lasts 10 minutes. Programming a fixed fog amount can be done directly at the machine and can be easily reproduced and/or changed.

The Tiny F07 is triggered with a start button integrated into the lid. It can also be triggered with a supplied cable remote or optionally with a radio remote, DMX converter, or timer. Warm up time for the Tiny F07 is less than one second.

A special fluid ensures that dense fog is produced with the lowest fluid and power consumption. The fluid tank is external and connected to the machine by a thin hose; depending on the application the tank can vary in both size and also distance from the machine. The Tiny F07’s battery and fluid tank are so small that they can also be built within sets and costumes.

Lead-acid batteries may be used with the Tiny F07 if necessary with the use of an adapter cable.

The new Tiny F07 package includes the fog generator, fluid tank, battery, 250 ml of fluid, charger, carrying case, and cable remote.