Lightronics, Inc. is introducing the new AS-62D SO Compact Dimmer. Well designed for the rental and touring market, it is a flexible and portable fixture.

The AS-62 SO has a socapex connector allowing direct connection to standard touring lighting bars like those from Tomcat and James Thomas Engineering. It will handle a full 7200W load simultaneously. It is addressable up to 512 channels in the DMX mode and up to 128 channels in the industry standard 3-wire multiplex protocol.

This unit has a built-in stand-alone chaser mode, which provides eight chase patterns. The AS-62D SO may also be switched to a relay (non dim) mode in groups of two channels for On/Off control.

Each channel has high capacity 25A triacs and external breakers, and the dimmer's heavy duty filtering eliminates EMI/RFI interference with other equipment.