Wybron, Inc. has introduced its latest product offering, the Transition, a CMY Fiber Illuminator. The Transition is an ultra bright illuminator that uses a similar CMY dichroic color mixing technology as Wybron’s Nexera lighting fixtures. The Transition offers smooth color changes with nearly infinite color choices and silent operation.

“We developed The Transition to fill our clients’ growing need for a fiber illuminator with superior light output, an unlimited color palette, and virtually quiet operation. Because The Transition does not radiate heat at the front of the unit, museums, aquariums, water parks, ice rinks, landscaping, and environmental lighting designers, as well as our casino clients, are utilizing it to light perishable assets and exhibitions from animals to artwork, food, wine, and ice sculptures,” notes Miles Dudgeon, director of marketing.

The advantage of using fiber optics is that the light source is separated from the light output, has no current, and its fiber optic strands do not conduct infrared (UV) radiation. All of which allows practically heatless illumination.

The Transition allows the fiber common ends to remain cool and the unit wills not burn PMMA fiber. It has a compact design that measures less than 6 inches wide and weighs just less than 8 pounds. The Transition includes an integral electronic ballast and power supply. It uses a 150-watt compact UHI light source and has a 10,000-hour lamp life, making it extremely energy efficient. It accepts 17 through 34 mm common end fiber bundles and is RDM compliant. The Transition can be placed in an accessible location for easy maintenance.