Wybron, Inc. has introduced its latest product offering, the Split IT (opto-splitter) for use with Wybron’s InfoTrace Control and Management System. The Split IT is a one in, eight out, RDM/DMX optically isolated splitter/repeater. It will enable InfoTrace users to run any DMX-controlled lighting devices, such as color changers, moving lights, conventional lights, and dowsers on the system, allowing easier installations and remote maintenance and repair.

“We wanted to make sure that Wybron offered its clients a cost effective DMX/RDM splitter to facilitate the acceptance and utilization of any lighting device on the InfoTrace System, as well as any future product introductions,” said Miles Dudgeon, Wybron’s director of marketing.

The advantage of using Wybron’s Split IT is that it can communicate with any product that utilizes the Remote Device Management protocol over DMX lines. Currently, many existing splitters on the market do not handle RDM traffic. Wybron has committed to using RDM in future product offerings. The company expects to launch one new product a month over the next six months.