An LDI 2006 summary from High End Systems...

Axon - The rack mount media server with the DL.2 graphics engine
Axon is a flexible solution for those who have their own video display device, and want a world of unlimited image possibilities. Using a media server - which operates exactly like the DL.2 - for other elements of a show saves time when programming by not having to switch between programming syntax differences of other media servers. Axon puts all the features of the DL.2 Graphics Engine into a 3U rack mount that can be managed as simply as the DL.2 fixtures.

New effects for DL.2 and Axon
We’re constantly creating new software features for our digital lighting products. We recently introduced Curved Surface Support and Collage Generator. Now debuting are effects such as Faux LED (to mimic an LED wall), Faux Tile (square tiles), Drop Shadow, Chroma Shift (shifting red, blue and green components), Zoom Blur, Pixelation, Fuzzifier and more. Check out our projections at our booth to catch these creative new effects!

New, improved Collage Generator
Since its introduction in June, Collage Generator for DL.2 and Axon has been improved to offer a bigger picture with sharper images. We’ve substantially increased available resolution by 4x from the previous software version, offering a resolution greater than High Definition. The new Collage Generator now supports any configuration up to 8x8 arrays. Create seamless panoramas from multiple DL.2s and Axons using this new, improved software feature.

Catalyst v4 - Meets pro video demands on a lighting budget
Catalyst v4 media server/ software is the only choice for professional video playback and control on a lighting budget. Combine Catalyst v4 with a variety of options including our DL.1, LED walls, plasma monitors, or LCD and DLP projectors to present a dynamic presentation. The award-winning Catalyst comes in 3 versions for any size project and budget.

Wholehog news: One unified operating system for all 3 products
Now connect Wholehog 3, Hog iPC and/or Hog 3PCs on the same network for total networking compatibility. Tablet or laptop computers can also be used for wireless remote focus. Expand further with the new Wholehog 3 Expansion Wing – now in production -- for any Wholehog 3 operating system platform.

New keyboard saves time with command shortcuts
Reduce hand strain, save time and boost productivity with the Hog 3PC keyboard featuring command shortcuts. The keys feature laser-etched icons, which do not rub off. Compatible with Hog 3PC, Wholehog 3, Hog iPC and the Wholehog 3 rack mount unit. Available now.