Wireless Solution Sweden AB is proud to announce the launch of W-DMX Generation 3, the newest feature-packed product range for Wireless DMX. Generation 3 includes new and improved features such as easy overview of signal strength and battery power, plus full implementation of DMX over Ethernet.

The W-DMX range has a high power radio output with up to 350mW and offers the most complete product line, from indoor to outdoor units with IP65 and Nema 6 standards. W-DMX has full support of RDM, is CE and ETSI certified in Europe and Asia, FCC certified in the Americas (awaiting UL), and is certified in Japan with ARIB STD-T66 radio standards.

Features include:

· High radio output with 375mW output (FCC) and 100mW (Europe/Asia)
· Signal strength to monitor the signal on all units
· New battery function with UPS for up to 8 hours on most units
· Battery level indicator
· Improved antenna connector
· DMX In/Out or DMX out x 2
· DMX over Cat5, in total 4 RJ45
· Option to run all units on low-voltage power supply
· Improved chassis in die-cast aluminum
· Available for OEM

W-DMX also has the updated version of S-1 Transmitter and R-512 Receiver. The S-2 dual universe transmitter, R-512 Pro Receiver and T-1 Transceiver all feature a "one button technology" toggle, allowing the unit to easily switch from receiver to transmitter. A complete new and updated outdoor range is also available.

W-DMX uses both FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) and TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) technologies to jump in the 83 frequencies of 2,45 Ghz band. It jumps 1,000 times per second, automatically jumping only to free channels to avoid interference. This is truly plug-and-play technology, all controlled by one single button on the W-DMX BlackBox units.